Work History

Work History
Feb 2009 - Present

Project Manager for Habitat Heroes

Indigo Entertainment Phils Inc.

As the Project Manager for the I.T. side of Habitat Heroes, under Indigo Entertainment, I have my share of responsibilities.

I had to act as Manager, Game Producer and Quality Assurance officer.

I have to create and execute project work plans and revise them if necessary to meet the changing needs and requirements. I have to review deliverables prepared by my team before passing them on to the client. I have to manage the day-to-day allocation of my project's human resources and assign the proper tasks and responsibilities. 

I had to possess a general understanding in the areas of web development, database and system design, server architecture, as well as the technologies available for online community sites. I have to be aware of the new technologies available and if they were applicable for the growth of our project.

I had to be knowledgeable in game design and development with the responsibility of conceptualizing new games and activities for the project. There was also the task of making putting our output through a strict testing routine.

There is also the responsibility of handling my client's expectations. It had to be realistic, a clear line was always drawn on what was doable and what was not during a specific time frame.

But heaviest of my responsibilities as a project manager, is to be able to inspire coworkers, especially those who are direct members of my team, to attain their goals and pursue excellence.

Mar 2008 - Present

Graphic Artist / Web Designer

Indigo Entertainment Phils Inc.

As a Graphic Artist/Web Designer for Indigo Entertainment, I had to create graphics and illustrations for both 2D games and website design.

For the 2D Games, I was able to create game assets and graphical user interfaces (GUI). Having to do so, I needed to gather the game requirements from the lead developer, work closely with him or her as to what the look, feel, and goal of the game is to be able to create the appropriate artwork.

During my stay at Indigo Entertainment, I was able to design and create, with some works as collaborations with other artists, most if not all of Indigo Entertainment's website designs. I was also able to implement the front-end of the web pages, having the background of web work from school, and with my previous experience as a junior web developer.

As a designer in these changing and evolving times, I had to constantly look for inspiration from my contemporaries all around the world. I took to heart the responsibility of learning what else was out there and if there were newer techniques, technologies, and standards artists and people from the web development world had to follow.

Apr 2005 - Present

Freelance Artist/Web Designer

I've been freelancing web and graphic since 2005. It started out as a means for me to practice what I was learning in school. As time went by I was able to work on more projects, thanks to recommendations from former clients, friends and family.  

I still do freelance work every so often to this day, it has become a break and a vessel for my other creative endeavors outside of my normal work hours. 

Jan 2005 - Present

Freelance Photographer


Jun 2004 - Mar 2008

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


I graduated with honors from iAcademy, was the class Salutatorian, and a known student leader. 

I was consistently on the Deans List and my GPA upon graduation was 1.46.

I represented the school in most of its out-of-school events and lead in organizing or co-organizing the school's own events. One of the biggest events that I organized for iACADEMY was "Sixties on the Sixth". It was the 6th celebration of iACADEMY's foundation day. 

During my stay at the iACADEMY, I founded the iACADEMY Theatrical Society (iACTS) and was an active member of RHYTHM. 




Project Management

My mother was a Project Manager and General Manager of her companies for as far as I can remember. As a child, through her, I was exposed on how the world works and gained an understanding that there is such a thing as management.    My earliest experience as a project manager would be in school. As student leader, and organizer of school events and projects, I was exposed to the nitty-gritty work that had to be done to make one's project a success. I was a graduate of Southville International School and Colleges for High School. It is there that I first learned  the basic skill set of Project Management. Management lessons were integrated into our curriculum via business classes requiring us to handle class made projects, small scale business and even product presentations.    I have also taken up a few units in college in relation to project management. I took three units of Business Organization, and three units of Project Management. During college I became even more active and put to good use what I was learning. I spearheaded a lot of school events requiring me to lead the project from it's planning and conceptualization stage to execution and completion. It was there that I realized that I had what it took to manage people and handle certain situations.   With my freelance work, I was able to practice such skills even more. Being my own boss, I had to make sure that I did everything on time and within budget. I had to learn how to talk to a client directly and give my professional opinions. And I'm still learning new skills for management everyday.    Habitat Heroes is my first actual project where I am given the title Project Manager. 

Website Development

  This skill includes: - Web page development - Knowledge in XHTML, HMTL - Knowledge in CSS - Knowledge in Flash Actionscript for website development - Web page optimization - Web related knowledge on Javascript and PHP - Knowledge in CMS : Joomla   Software: Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash  

Website Design

This skill includes: - Web page design - Website Architecture and Navigation - Layout - Web page optimization   Software: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash  

2D Graphic Design

This skill includes the following: - Corporate Identity Design - Advertisement Design - Game Asset and GUI Design - Layout    Software: Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe Flash