Lianne Mc Nally

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Lianne McNally - Accomplished Producer and Media Professional

About Lianne McNally

An experienced writer and producer, Lianne McNally has contributed to numerous prominent media projects. A longtime affiliate of CBS News, she served as field producer during a production tour promoting the work of local news stations across 12 US cities, including Cincinnati, Ohio; Macon, Georgia; and Norfolk, Virginia. In each location, Lianne McNally visited local news stations and conducted interviews with news directors. She had previously worked with CBS News during coverage of the Gulf War, during which time she produced news segments and wrote news updates.

Lianne McNally also worked with CBS News Productions as a series producer for The Best of Us. In that capacity, she led a team to produce 65 episodes across two seasons.

Outside of her work with CBS News, Ms. McNally held responsibilities as producer, writer, and director of the award winning documentary Artists and Orphans: A True Drama. The film was voted Best Short Film at the Florida Film Festival and received a nomination for an Academy Award, among other honors.

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