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Work experience

Oct 2007Present

Technical Intern Engineer


Department: INTEL, Sales and Marketing Group, WiMAX Programme Office 

1. Build the WiMAX system level simulation platform                     

2. Field support Olympic Program in Qingdao, about 50%~70% travel

Face to customer directly: Organizing the meeting,

                                          Writing the meeting minutes,

                                          Analyze customer requirement

Team support: Writing team work report

                        Preparation for exhibition

                       Assist scheme design

&   Device management: Mobile Terminals and Laptops' installation and management

                                          Video service network's installation and maintenance

                                          Device resource draft plan

                                          Equipment purchasing

                                          Device test and test report writing


Oct 2006Nov 2007


University of Southampton

MSc Degree in Radio Frequency Communication Systems

School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK


Competent in all Microsoft office packages including Excel, Word, Access, and PowerPoint.
Familiar with Unix/Linux operation system.
Master C program language and VHDL
Have analytical skills as well as the ability develop simulations in C++ and Matlab
Have the experience of RF hardware design and knowledge of RF, PLL, and general communication measurements (such as IP3, NF, ACPR, jitter, phase noise, lock time, etc)
Understanding of 3G system such as CDMA, OFDM, multiple antenna/MIMO systems etc
Familiar with communications theory, random processes, signal detection and estimation. Familiar with the telecom technology development trends
IEEE Student Member


Lajos Hanzo

To whom it may concernChen LIANG has been our MSc student since October 2006 and I came to know him as anambitious, dedicated student. In the examinations of our Master class of 44 students he achievedan average of about 66.1 % and hence he performed close to the distinction threshold of 70%.In this context it is worth mentioning that admission to the class is highly competitive, weselect from about 700 applications per year. His individual subject marks are as follows:• Digital transmission 80%,• Signal processing 53%• Research methods 72%• Radio communications engineering 67%• Computer networks 53%• Radio comms. networks and systems 64%• Personal multimedia systems 68%I conducted a Matlab-based simulation-oriented class, where he progressed well according toour programme, which was structured by providing a gradually increasing grade of challenge forall abilities, allowing the most talented students to conduct cutting-edge publishable research.The teaching and learning of research-oriented topics, such as code-division multiple-access(CDMA) and smart-antennas is based on a unified multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO)model for the sake of deductive teaching.This part-time project then led to a 3-month full-time research-oriented project, which is morechallenging. More specifically, he studied various detectors designed for Layered Space TimeCoding schemes in the context of wireless systems and prepared a well-presented, comprehensivereport. I have no doubt that he would become an asset for his future employer.If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience,sincerely:Prof. L. Hanzo,FREng, FIEEE, FIEE, DScChair of Communications


1. Aiming to find a sales, purchasing, business development, public relationship, device management full time job.

2. Marry.


1. Master and Bachelor  degree in Telecommunication;

2. Get Bachelor degree in China;

3. Get Master degree in United Kingdom;

4. Be an Intern in INTEL for 9 months, in Sales and Marketing Group, WPO

Keep walking.....


Reading, Poem, Acting, Climbing Hills, Bicycling,  Tennis



British Council; IDPIA; Cambridge ESOL


China Education Government


China Education Government