• Shantou Guangdong
Liang Yanqian

Liang Yanqian

Study Experience


Shantou  University (Department of Chemistry)

Advanced Biology and Chemistry       (97/100)

This summer programme "Advanced Biology and Chemistry" stimulated my interest in the interdisclinary study of Biology and Chemistry. I get high score at this summer school and want to have a further learning about it.

1.Major in Material Chemistry (Had most of the basic chemical lessons

  (On this basis, it's easier for me to have a further learnin in chemistry)

2.Can cooperate with team mate well


I can communicate with others in English fluently.

I am good at intercultural communication,since I had joined a class related to it and had a lots of practice.

1.Have a good comand of specialized English of Chemisry

    (Can understand the main idea and reasoning process of the chemical class taught in English)

2.Can deal with the culture shock 

    (I have been to many places and know how to deal with differences in culture and thinking.)

High School

The Second Prize in Biological competition in Guangdong Province

1.Have basic blachground of Biology

2.Can learn fast

  (It just took me a month to prepare for this competition, because the shortage of time. )

Social Experience


Student Union

section chief

In the past year, our section has organised many activities successfully. I learnt how to balance my study and life. What's more I gained the experience about how to encourage my group member to achieve the same goal.

1.Can make a well organised plan and stick to it 

   (This skill is also helpful in my study)

2.An outgoing person

   (This personality would help me enjoy the friendship across border.)