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Sep 2008Present

BTEC level 3 practitioners

Bede VI Form Academy

This course is designed for full-time learners wishing to gain a recognised vocational qualification to enter employment as an IT practitioner or progress to Higher Education qualifications.

Course content to include:
  • Communications and Employability Skills for IT
  • Computer Systems
  • Information Systems
  • Organisational System Security
  • E-Commerce
  • Impact of the use of IT on Business systems
Sep 2003Jul 2008


Farringdon Community Sports College


English Language                    C                    Biology                                    C

English Literature                    C                    Maths                                       C

RE                                          D                    Chemistry                                D 

Physics                                  C                    Leisure and Tourism              DD


OCR Nationals Level 2 in ICT          4 x B (merit)

BTEC Sport Studies                      2 x A, 2 x B (merit)

May 2007Oct 2007

HE Module (Level 3, 10 credits)

Northumbria University

Work experience

Jun 2003Present

Youth Engagement Group and Young Peoples Advisory Group

Connexions Volunteer

Sunderland Youth Engagement Group, supports Connexions in the decision making processes that are made, regarding services provided for young people from Sunderland.

As a member of the group I have undertaken a number of training courses  Recruitment and Selection, Committee skills and Mystery Shopping.

These courses have empowered me to be an active citizen, in my local community. they have helped to equip me with increased knowledge, skills and self confidence, in order for them to play an active role in shaping services that Sunderland Connexions/City Council provide for young people.

Jul 2007Present

'Doing Politix' Event Volunteer


Aims of the event:

·To increase young peoples awareness of how politics affects their lives

·To increase young peoples confidence in communicating with politicians

·To enable young people to identify issues important to them

·To enable young people to engage with key decision makers about issues of importance to them

·To enable young people around active citizenship/volunteering/training and employment

·To have fun!

The target group for this event is for difficult to reach/socially excluded young people aged 16yrs to 25yrs

Sep 2007Present

Young Peoples Regional Advisory Group

Barnardos Volunteer

I am a member of the Barnardos Young Peoples Regional Advisory Group and young driving force in Barnardos 'Doing politix' initiative.

The group regularly meet, where we discuss issues within the organization, and also prepare and oversee bids, before having a quarterly meeting with Barnardos Management Team.

Jul 2008Present

North East Rep and Secretary

UK Youth Voice Volunteer

Voice is a youth led organisation within UK Youth that is dedicated to giving 16-25 year olds a voice. Although a part of UK Youth, Voice is in charge of its own finances, meetings, and organisational structure. The highlight of the Voice year is the Annual Conference which is held at UK Youth's head quarters in the New Forest: The Voice Panel is made up of two young people from each region of England, one young person from the Channel Islands, and two young people from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Voice is a key part of UK Youth’s network and is seen as a model of good practice in the field of youth participation.

Jan 2008Jun 2009

Empowering Young People Project Volunteer

Sunderland City Council

I worked with staff from Sunderland City Council on the Empowering Young Peoples Project (EYPP) to decide on the name for the project, and also decide on what logo we would like to give the project. The decisions we chose for this were all agreed to and the project 'Lets Go' has been successfully rolled out and used by young people all over sunderland. The project has been hailed a success.

May 2007Oct 2007

Impact assessment Consultee

Northumbria University

I worked with staff from Northumbria University for 4 months looking at how interested people are in studying there, I was covering the youth sector in this.

once I had finished the impact assessment course, I decided to attend one more meeting in which I worked on my portfolio and got this accreddited at level 3.


My main interests are American Football and voluntary work. I am involved with American football all year round as the two teams I am involved with operate at different times of the year. At present I do not play in either of the teams, but help both on game days.

I do a lot of voluntary work, most of it with the Connexions Youth Engagement Group. I got involved with Barnardos in August 2007 and have stayed to work with them on the events they are running. Also, I am North East rep, and Secretary for the UK Youth Voice.

Achievements - Appointed first aider in the workplace

I am a qualified emergency first aider in the workplace, able to deal with a range of injuries and accidents when needed.


For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed ICT and using computers. This interest has increased since the appearance of the first computer games consoles. Games technology has always fascinated me because I enjoyed playing new games consoles when they first came out. My interest in ICT has grown since my introduction to computers when I was in primary school. When I started using computers and acquired my first PC I knew that I would end up studying the subject further.

During my VI Form programme I have developed ICT skills such as computer programming which have allowed me to make simple games such as noughts and crosses to allow one artificial intelligence player. Other programs such as building spreadsheets have also improved my confidence in my course and could help me in the future I if I achieve my expected grades in my ICT course. Overall I think that I stand out from other students because I am confident at most of the activities that I take part in.

Achievements - House of Lords Debate 2009

I have recently attended the House of Lords debate, it opened its chamber for the only time this year to host a debate between 150 young and diverse teenagers from across the country as part of Shine Week, in collaboration with The Bridge, an organisation which encourages disengaged young people to come together and debate important topical and political issues

We debated topics such as ‘celebrity vs. talent’ and 'positive perceptions of youth'

I and other young people aged between 13 and 18 years old thrashed out these issues chaired by the Lord Speaker, Baroness Hayman and supported by Al Ainsley-Green, Children’s Commissioner.  

This event gave myself and other young people a chance to voice their opinions.

Achievements - Duke of Edinburgh award

A Bronze DofE programme has 4 sections, Volunteering, Physical, Skills and Expedition. You need be at least 14 years old to start a Bronze programme and you must do a minimum of 3 months activity for each of the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections, and plan, train for and do a 2 day (1 night) Expedition.

My bronze expedition was spent at Kielder Reservoir walking on relatively flat terrain; I used my ICT course to complete my skills section, and my Sports course to complete the physical recreation section. Finally, for my service, this was completed with the Connexions Youth Engagement Group.

Since completing my Bronze award, I have started on my silver, which I have completed my service section, completed with the Youth Engagement Group again, and also my Expedition, which was spent in the Yorkshire Dales along the Pennine Way, while my practice was completed at High Force.


I have taken Part in a BBC radio Newcastle phone in to discuss issues affect young people. Attended north east leg of the News of the Worlds anti violence campaign road show “Save Our Streets”
  On the School football team (year 11); Cricket team (years 7-8); Basketball team (years 7-8-9).
Nominated for two categories (personal and group achievements) in the Sunderland Young Achievers Award. Worked with Barnardos on the 'Doing Politix' events, working on the day at 3 events, and planning another 3.
Sense of Humour
I believe it is important to have a positive attitude to work and tasks undertaken. Having a sense of humour helps to ensure i remain level headed when things go wrong,
Time Keeping
I have always had a high attendance percentage record while in education, this has resulted in obtaining many attendance certificates.
Completed Duke of Edinburgh Bronze and started silver, finishing service and expedition. Trained as a Connexions mystery shopper and took part in an exercise visiting and assessing Connexions centres across Tyne and Wear.
Nominated for a national young achievers award for all work completed with Barnardos. JSLA – Junior Sports Leaders Award.
Honest and Trustworthy
Worked with Northumbria University to look at how interested people are in studying there, gaining the aforementioned award. Gained BEC 500 (Business Education Certificate) at Distinction level
Communication Skills
Worked with the Children’s Workforce Development Council on the national training given to social workers. Wrote a report on behalf of Barnardos North East after researching and compiling young people’s views on Knife Gang and Gun crime. Nominated for a fear and fashion award for this work. Gave presentations on behalf of the Youth Engagement Group.