Liam Mackenzie Durney

  • Auckland 108 Kittiwake drive

Work experience

Work experience


Global martial arts
Sep 2014 - Present

Global martial arts

At Global Martial Arts NZ I don't actually get paid but i am thinking about taking a teaching course so that i can earn minimal wage.


my interests are friends, sports and fitness I like to hangout with friends and family go swimming mountain biking, go fishing and adventuring and I also like to play football and martial arts(taekwondo) and finally listen to music. 


I have gotten various awards such as martial arts certificates trophies, player of the day/year swimming medals etc etc, as you can see I am very energetic and outdoors a lot of the time, for my football awards and achievements/awards I have gotten the player of my year/my grade twice in a row and I have won the league twice for 14 grade and 9 grade and I have received player of the day countless amount of times.

Taekwondo I have recently went to the North Shore Taekwondo championship in Auckland and came second out of all the black belts and i received a certificate and a silver medal, i have also revived my black belt in Taekwondo. I have also received  two medals one being from the weetbix triathlon when i was 10 and one just recently form a 12 kilometer marathon.

Future job ideas.

I have several future careers that I would like to have if some of them don't work work out.

I would like to be a professional footballer representing New Zealand In the u20s etc...etc... I would also like to be a surgeon/doctor, as every generation in my family has some sort medical history, like my mum is a nurse my grandad/ my mums dad is a surgeon.


I do not have a qualification but i hope to get one in the future, and do what i love to do.