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I have 30 years experience in Oil & Gas and heavy industry Electrical and Instrumentation projects worldwide with experience in extreme, challenging and remote location camp environments on a rotational shift basis, 

I have an extensive knowledge of Oil & Gas Electrical and Mechanical and civil planned and preventive maintenance procedures and methods, I also have extensive experience in Oil & Gas Construction QAQC and Commissioning handover and inspection of associated equipment, 

Work locations experience Include Ireland, Russia, Iraq, Turkey, Georgia, Kazakhstan, China, Azerbaijan, UK, USA, Switzerland and Canada

I have much experience in both on-shore and off-shore projects with 25 years of oil & gas refinery/process experience so far.

I have a keen interest and involvement in Safety/HSE and implementing it on a daily basis, I have experience in high H2S and explosive atmospheres with both oil & gas fields, 

Key Skills and Experience Include.....

  • QAQC Commissioning / handover/acceptance of equipment 
  • Hands on training with operational staff in the plant
  • Drilling and workover experience 
  • Sub-Contractor supervision and control 
  • Permit to Work, Job Safety Analysis,
  • Gas and Diesel fuel Generators/Turbines 
  • MCC motor control distribution systems
  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance Management 
  • HSE procedures and policies
  • Facilities and Maintenance software CMMS
  • Wind and Solar Power Systems
  • UPS systems all brands 
  • Comp-EX/ATEX Up to date Certified to 2025
  • Gas Sweetening and Amine Systems
  • Electrical Transformers and distribution systems
  • Fire and Gas safety monitoring equipment 
  • Oil and Gas prover and sales measurement systems
  • Work order systems and methods management
  • 24 hour operations call out and breakdown response
  • Emergency response team leader
  • Plant shutdowns and upgrades of equipment 
  • Oil and Gas heaters and burners/boilers/re-boilers
  • Permit to work systems management
  • LOTO safety systems and methods 
  • Sourcing and procuring equipment international
  • Risk assessment and analysis 
  • Electrical testing and certification trainer
  • Multicultural mindset and adaptability
  • Supervising and assisting 3rd party Service Companies
  • Both Offshore and Onshore experience 
  • Offshore oil projects in Trinidad, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan,
  • Well head Hydraulic Control Panels
  • Chemical Injection skids and methods
  • Process equipment pre- commissioning and acceptance
  • Sub-Contractor supervision and control
  • FAT Factory acceptance test 
  • Conflict/War zone experience 
  • Much more equipment details and information on request, 

Work experience

STS Switzerland

May 2020

QAQC and Engineering Manager

Bio Pharmaceutical Project, large scale very fast pace bio pharmacy project at Soloturn in Switzerland, Managing two departments re-engineering the project electrical /mechanical/instrument, 300+ staff in offices and onsite, QAQC Management, Day to day running of the project, Design, Procurement, Re-Engineering, Install, testing, completion documentation, handover, 

Oil Field Maintenance Superintendent and E&I Field Lead

Maintenance Superintendent for Gulf Keystone Petroleum at the Shaikan Oil and Gas Field in North Iraq’s Kurdistan Region, working for the operations department 24/7 in the oil field on the production facilities, Expectance and commissioning of new wells and plant accordingly, Direct involvement with drilling and exploration, E&I field lead SME, 

All aspects of Operational Oilfield Maintenance.... 

  • Building and commissioning new process facilities
  • Commissioning / handover/acceptance of equipment
  • Part of the management team for operations and HSE
  • Remote Location camp / Rotational position 5/5
  • Construction and drilling QAQC
  • Day to day maintenance of the operational plant facilities
  • Heavy crude oil with high H2S and high gas content
  • Assisting all departments with planning and engineering
  • Commissioning and acceptance of new plant /wells 
  • Preventative Maintenance schedules 
  • Sub contractor selection and control/management 
  • Procurement and scouring of materials local and International maintaining spare parts for operations
  • Writing Electrical and Instrument procedures 
  • Work order management and control 
  • 24 hour call out for shutdowns and plant/well issues
  • Lead of the emergency response team
  • Gas reinjection process
  • Gas Purification and Scrubbing Process
  • Amine gas systems regenerators / re-boilers 
  • Natural Gas and Diesel generators install and operation 
  • Wind and Solar systems install and operation
  • Fiber Optic and IT systems 
  • UPS systems 
  • MCC and power control buildings
  • Fire Warden
  • Accommodation Camps/Offices warehouses maintenance 
  • Fire and Gas detection systems 
  • All types of measurement and float instruments 
  • Assisting the drilling and worker rigs
  • Well head hydraulic control panels,
  • Nitrogen Generators 
  • Water purification systems
  • ESP well pumps 
  • Flares and gas separation 
  • Assisting the HSE department on a daily basis implementing safe work practices and procedures/risk analysis, work permits, LOTO
  • Staff training and procedures
  • Drilling and Worker of wells 
  • Pump and Export Stations 
  • Workshop fabrication and welding 
  • Annual budget planning
  • Corrosion monitoring systems
  • Training and mentoring local staff
  • Atex EX Equipment certified/licensed 

Much more detailed information and details on this project available on request....

E&I Company Lead / Consultant

Electrical and Instrumentation lead for a remote location on and offshore Oil field, Working rotation 35/35, Production and Operations and Exploration Onshore and Offshore, Day to day operations and maintenance of all the facilities, Project Management and Sub-Contractor selection and controls, Quality control with staff and contractors, Introducing and implementing maintenance procedures software, methods and systems, Sourcing and choosing materials and equipment for operations / projects and Drilling, carrying out factory inspection tests in America and Europe, Leasing with the local authorities and boards to maintain compliance, Recruitment and selection of staff, Part of the downtime response team to minimize production downtime and preventive maintenance, when and if required day or night working physically to maintain production or trouble shooting equipment, Mentoring local engineers supervisors and staff, Offshore Jack Up Drilling, FPSO Production Units, Permanent Structure Well /Production Platforms, Service Ships, Accommodation and crane Barges, Selecting installing and maintaining offshore and onshore generators, Installing synchronization systems, Upgrading of the IT and telecommunications systems off shore and onshore, Design and install of new fire and gas and emergency systems offshore, Drilling monitoring equipment, Offshore Living quarters, Drilling moves hook-ups, PLC and SCADA systems, Oil measurement skids, Power Distribution units mobile and permanent, ESP and HDESP wells, High Voltage Transformers and distribution systems, Production Instrumentation monitoring equipment, Working closely with and Engineering Company in America (EDG Consulting Engineers House)

RS Electrical ltd Ireland

Jan 2008Jan 2011

Projects Manager / Director

Project Manger / Director of and Electrical and Instrumentation contracting Company,

Providing engineering and technical  support services for Oil Company's Internationally, project design, on site supervisor, coordinator, many large construction projects as well as government maintenance contracts,E&I Oil and Gas Design and Install


Wind Energy

Electrical Installation

Instrumentation control systems

Wind Energy Installs


Pitch Lighting

Shops, Restaurants

Housing Projects

E&I Oil Field Projects Manager

Chevron / Texaco North Buzachi Project Daily Management of 4 departments in the oil field, 24 hours a day, electrical low voltage, high voltage, instrumentation, and mechanical maintenance, looking after all direct staff and sub contractors, looking after all aspects of maintenance and construction, budget control for specific projects, design of new facilities, procurement of equipment, commissioning of all types of equipment from computer controlled to pneumatic, fault finding and minimizing production down time,I also work closely with all departments such as drilling, production, HS&E (safety), accounting, exploration, materials, facilities, and general management,Working with the drilling department on FAT tests and commissioning of new rigs and drilling equipment, also examining contractors drilling equipment, Much more specific detailed information available on request about my duties and experience and vastknowledge gained on this project,

Substations 110kva

Power lines 110kva and 14kva

Remote Location camp

Rotational work 4 weeks on 4 weeks off





Oil Production

Well head pumps

Oil and Gas process control systems

EX spec equipment

Safety Supervisor

Part of Emergency response

Drilling Rig Inspections and approvals

FAT tests

Commissioning / handover/acceptance of equipment

Sepam (Kodak) China

Jan 1998Jan 2000

Electrical Project Manager

Running of the E&I Construction Management for 4 large Kodak Manufacturing buildings in

China,Running of the ex-pat staff and 4 local contractors on site (15 ex-pat staff)(1500 local

staff)QA-QC, Design, Contractor payments, Safety, Recruitment, General running of the project ,

a very fast pace project,

Fast pace project

Production lines

Automated warehousing

Clean room specs

Managing local contractors

Commissioning / handover/acceptance of Electrical equipment

Further back pre 2000 more work experience available on request....


Robert Lea 

Surface Operations Manager Gulf Keystone Petroleum Iraq

[email protected]

George Lux 

Construction Manager

Chevron Kurdistan Iraq 

[email protected]

Jon Erickson

Field Asset Manager, Tullow Oil Plc. Uganda

[email protected]

David Butcher 

Production Manager Gulf Keystone Petroleum Iraq

[email protected]

William Hatcher

Chief Operating Officer at Condor Petroleum

[email protected] or [email protected]

Dino Giannatos

Operations Director at Bayfiled Energy Trinidad & Tobago

[email protected]

George Clancy

Operations Manager at Condor Petroleum/Global Energy Solutions

[email protected]

Jon Erickson

Field Asset Manager, Tullow Oil Plc. Uganda

[email protected]

Many more good references quickly available on request if required........


Emerson Iraq


Emerson Oil &Gas

Full training course with Emerson for all oil and gas associated instruments, design selection, installation and calibration, 

Fluke Instruments Iraq


Fluke Instruments

Training for Fluke testing and commissioning equipment, thermal imaging, Electrical testing and certification, mechanical vibration analysis, grounding testing, Fluke networks IT equiptment testing, motor and drive trouble shooting and analysis, PAT testing

Permasense / Emerson


Permasense Corrosion & Erosion systems

Onsite full install and commissioning training for these oil and gas systems

High Speed Training


Fire Officer / Warden

Fire warden control and response course 

High Speed Training



Explosive Atmosphere Regulations Update Course 

High Speed Training


Working at Height Course

Updated course for working at height 



Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) Member

Serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry.

ABB Sweden


Substation Installation

ABB High Voltage Substation 



Emergency Responce

Emergency Response Management Course 

Fas Ireland


Electrical Apprentiship

Electrical Apprenticeship In Ireland and Moscow Russia

Instalation of Kvaerner Oil and Gas Process Systems

Kvaerner Process Systems Training USA and Kazakhstan

Institute for Global Ethics (IGE)


Global Ethics

Global Ethics Course



Safety Management

Texaco Safety Course

Wind Energy and Wind Turbine Installer training course

Chevron Training Ireland Wind Energy course