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My name is Gregory Kanakousakis, born and raised in Heraklion Crete, Greece in 1986. I work as a professional web developer, experienced in Adobe Flash, for more than 3 years. By having the knowledge of ActionScript2, PHP, HTML and JavaScript, I was able to develop some various types of Flash applications and websites, from static banners to fully dynamic web interfaces. Just before my love for web developing was bloom, I worked as a researcher in Emmetropia S.A., an eye clinic that offers advanced Laser vision correction. Concerning my education, I am currently studying Applied Mathematics in Computer Science at University of Crete, running the last stages of it. Finally, as for my hobbies, I love music, cinema and football. Well that’s the unofficial stuff. But if you feel you need to know more things about my professional background, all you have to do is check through my website at


Oct 2004Oct 2009

University of Crete

The Department of Applied Mathematics is the latest academic unit of the School of Sciences and Technology of the University of Crete. It was established in 1999. Its mission is to provide the appropriate educational and research infrastructure for the study of problems arising in technological fields, natural sciences, business and economics.

The development of Mathematics has been historically linked with the advancement of natural sciences. The ever increasing rate of development in technology and in scientific fields such as Biology, Chemistry, Materials, Medicine, Business and Economics have elevated the status of Applied Mathematics to a new level. In our modern era of specialization, the interplay and interactions between diverse scientific disciplines suggest the study of Applied Mathematics as an efficient way for preparing scientists capable to deal with and adapt to a rapidly changing reality.

The Department of Applied Mathematics aims to train scientists who will not only contribute to Mathematics itself but will also have developed modelling and computational skills and will be able to compete favourably in the job market for highly skilled individuals. The graduates of the Department of Applied Mathematics will have the training, knowledge and the problem solving ability that will make them especially useful in a continuously evolving job market. In addition, their broad scientific background will enable them to continue post-graduate work in a wide field of applied sciences.

Work experience

Apr 2007Jan 2010

Web Developer

Multimedia Laboratory

Tthe Multimedia Laboratory acquired entity and it began its activities in October 1994 in order to cover the needs of the  Academic Community in Multimedia Technology, developing educational and informative pages in the World Web and finally in the organisation of multimedia training seminars.

Jul 2004Nov 2006


Emmetropia S.A.

The Emmetropia Mediterranean Lasik Eye Clinic, a private-sector ophthalmic surgery clinic, offers advanced vision correction in a patient-centered environment. Access to conventional and cutting-edge refractive surgery technologies such us Lasik, Lasek and more, for a wide range of vision problems, enable our physicians to optimize results by meeting each patient´s individual needs.


Adobe Illustrator CS3
Adobe After Effects CS3
Adobe Premiere CS3
Adobe Photoshop CS3
Flash Actionscript 3
Flash Actionscript 2

Recent Projects


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