Li Sen

Li Sen


  • Winnipeg/Tai yuan Manitoba/ShanXi


Hello, I am Sen Li. I am a student in University of Manitoba, Canada. This curriculum vitae is for applying an internship. I am 22 years old, 178 height.  My major is Arts, design. I am recommended by Qiu Cheng.

Education experience


University student

University of Manitoba
Sep 2014 - Apr 2018

University 1 in the International College of Manitoba

Study in School of Arts, University of Manitoba

High School graduation

Taiyuan No.27 high school
Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

Study at Taiyuan No.27 high school in China from SEP.2009 to Jun 2012 


hard working

I had part-time job experiences about public security and express. Never be late and fault.

Ability in cooperation and leading

I was a leader in my study group, I have experiences in group works, and I am good at cooperating, handling interpersonal relationships, achieving the maximum value.


As a Chinese student, I have study and live in Canada two years, I have good marks in all of courses, and have so much experiences of presentation.

Research and write

I am good at researching and writing, I got A and A+ for my research paper in history and politics respectively.

drawing and design

I am professional in drawing and design. Average GPA of my required courses is about 3.5. That means I am really creative and planned to my work.

Goal in internship

The most important goal I want to achieve is I hope to demonstrate that I have particular skill and quality in the work, that can bring benefits to the company and myself. Then, I want to get some more experiences, increasing my ability in both individual and team works; to learn how to handle human relationship tactfully in daily work. I do believe it is meaningful for me when I graduate and work in Canada.