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SKILLSAutomatic Manufacturing Process/Machine tools/Manufacturing Process PlanningCAD/CAE/FEM: AutoCAD, ANSYS, Protel 99 SE, Programming : MATLAB, Fortran,C++Design of Experiments: JMP, MiniTABData acquisition, Data analysis: LabVIEW, StrainSmartManufacturing:Turning, Milling, Micro Machining, CNC code, GD&TStatistical analysis, Risk assessment, Risk analysisFailure Analysis    Microsoft: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, ProjectLanguage: Fluent in English, Mandarin

Work experience

Aug 2006May 2009

Graduate Research Assistant


ØUtilized MATLAB to generate predictive model of material behavior and process outputs, such as cutting forces and temperature, based on input machining conditions.

ØDesigned and performed multi-level, multi-factor machining experiments, using

ØLabVIEW for cutting force measurement and analysis.

ØValidated predictive model using data collected, and performed sensitivity analysis using MiniTAB software.


ØDesigned experiments and statistical analysis using MiniTAB

ØAssisted with computer numerical control (CNC G-Code) programming and high speed micro machine tool operation.

ØPerformed cutting experiments including milling, turning, grinding, and facing process.

ØCollected cutting force measurements with a Kistler Minidyn machining force dynamometer interface with LabVIEW, and the data was analyzed in MATLAB.

ØPerformed part surface finish measurements and analysis using a Zygo optical interferometer.

Jun 2008Sep 2008

Reliability Engineer

Intel Corp

Reliability Engineer (Graduate Intern)

ØDesign of experiments using JMP software and risk assessment.

ØPlanned and provided oversight for environmental testing of circuit boards, including the creation of a thermal interface material direction guide.

ØDirected environmental testing and performed data and failure analysis using the dye and peel failure analysis method.

ØUtilized StrainSmart software to determine maximum stress and strain on second level interconnect solder joints subjected to dynamic stresses, and provided recommendations on impact of heat sink designs and dynamic loading conditions on solder joint reliability.

ØPerformed basic experiments to investigate the impact of system resonance frequency by varying location and weight of test blocks placed on circuit board, and vibration test conditions.

ØGenerated recommendations for future vibration testing.

Jun 2004Mar 2006

Undergraduate Researcher

National Cheng Kung University

ØDesigned an automatic closed loop control for a desktop fan using a Microchip PIC18F and a temperature sensor. Use temperature sensor as input to change the Pulse width modulation, consequently changing the motor RPM.

ØUtilized C++ for programming and Protel 99 SE for Printed circuit board (PCB) design, layout and component assembly. Tested and verified the performance of the complete system.

Jan 2005Mar 2005

Undergraduate Engineering Intern

Ta Shing Yacht Building Company




National Cheng Kung University


Georgia Institute of Technology

  Additional certificate earned in: MEP Manufacturing Certificate Program