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Work experience

Oct 2009Present


Sep 2007Dec 2008

Personal Banker

JP Morgan Chase
Aug 2004Sep 2007

Business Manager

Best Buy for Business
Nov 2000Aug 2004

Department Sales Supervisor

Best Buy Stores



American Intercontinental University

Career Driver & Special Skills

Career Driver

I thrive in areas where I can showcase my skills by improving customer relationships and by developing and branding new markets and products.

Special Skills

Sales - track record of leading teams to successful outcomes.

Execution - regularly delivering to fixed time schedules against all odds.

Management - optimizing people and finances to meet objectives with customers.

Conceptualization -preparing & presenting deals at both the “C” and End-user levels.

Communication - effective trainer in sales procedures, product services, & company policies.

Highlights of Professional Skills and Accomplishments

Management Experience

  • Develop customer needs-assessments and enhance customer retention by visiting and consulting with existing clients at their sites; deliver high-impact sales presentations.
  • Identified new sales opportunities through cold calls, referrals, and qualified leads.
  • Developed strategies for ongoing sales while maintaining customer base and high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Increased organic growth via cross-product sales as result of steady/strong customer relationship cultivation, lowering cost center attrition to below 25% and margin increases from product residuals.
  • Developed skills and business acumen, and coordinated trainings of 9 employees who were later promoted to leadership roles throughout the company.
  • Through development of periodic (Y,Q,M,W) business reports directly impacted P/L andmaintaineddepartment “top50” ranking by emphasizing individual employee impact on sales.

Operations Experience

  • Implemented audit/recordkeeping process for branch officers and tellers; lowered losses taken to P/L by improving procedures, also resulting in no failures or audits from corporate office.
  • Interacted with consumers while handling purchases, complaints, and special requests.
  • Part of Project team which, developed seasonal training process for all new hires in local market which was adopted by DMs and resulting efforts increased holiday revenues by $15M in first year; corporate HR then modeled plan for entire company.
  • Screened interviewed, hired, and terminated employees; perform compensation reviews and facilitate employee development; formerly managed staff of 30 employees and nine direct reports.
  • Effectively coordinated learning’s, vendor trainings, and customer experience sessions for location, resulting in 100% compliance for department.

Business Development Experience

  • Through provision of customer maintenance agreements, personal shopping assistants and monthly networking breakfast, built customer loyalty, increased enrollment in company loyalty program, and raised dollars spent per loyalty customer $700 over other customer expenditures.
  • Consulted with business customers through provision of business grade IT solutions; improved market commercial sales and brand recognition of “Geek Squad”.
  • Maintained 5% revenue and margin lift to $40M location annually by identifying SMB customers, Added new customer base, and data for corporate to develop company branded LOB in market.
  • Increased investment, lending and trust/estate LOBs for cost center, attracting more high net worth client referrals

Entrepreneurial Experience

  • Work with small business to improve sales process and merchandising/ store layout.
  • Help individuals and small businesses establish a web presence and gain exposure through social media marketing and branding.
  • Direct various clients on drafting newsletter and communications to increase customer relations and brand loyalty.
  • Consult clients on software and technology upgrades to improve their inventory management, accounting and back office operations.


HUNGER: A personality trait of individuals who possess the ability and will to exceed, design, and transform business goals and expectations.Career Driver: I thrive in areas where I can showcase my skills by improving failed business divisions and by developing and branding new markets and products.I got may start working at Best Buy Co back in 2000. I was quickly placed on the leadership track there and held multiple titles along with running various departments. In 2004 I was given the responsibility to brand the Geek Squad and Best Buy for Business division in the Houston market.In 2007 I made a huge pivot into retail banking and consumer investments. Working at the powerhouse JP Morgan Chase taught me a wealth of knowledge in consumer and business finance. I worked on deals involving commercial lending, wealth preservation, estate planning, consumer lending, consumer and business deposits.Life is about choices and demands, making situations neither positive nor negative, just our perception of such. I am currently finishing my undergrad in International Business at AIU, in Houston, TX. I hope to work on projects and for companies that are forward thinking with global reach and perspectives; or want to be the dominate player in their industry and markets.

Objective:To work in a challenging position that will allow me to use my analytical, budgeting, sales, and customer service skills; to drive profit and market share for your company.

Software Experience:

Microsoft Office Enterprise Suite, CRM, Win 7, Android(non-programming).

Career Driver

Career Driver

I thrive in areas where I can showcase my skills by improving customer relationships and by developing and branding new markets and products.

Professional Associations

Risk Management Association, American Bankers Association

Social Platform Experience

 Word Press, Twitter, Blogger, Facebook, Google Buzz, Google Sites, LinkedIn.