Work experience

Work experience

Dishwasher, food prep and line cook (fryers)

The Yaught Club

This was a great job! My friend reccommended me to his boss for a dishwashing position. He warned him I was the fastest dishwasher in the Southwest and I didn't fail to live up to that label. They had me work the dishwasher for just two nights before moving me into the position as a line cook. Nice place. Excellent food. Great team of people I worked with!

Sep 2005 - Present

Film maker, Crew member, Screenwriter and Actor

Self employed

I returned to Phoenix were I currently work on film projects. I sold a screenplay for X amount of dollars and have been living on that since. I teach screenwriting and acting for free. Although it has been a rough ride, I feel I've made more improvements and advanced my studies in film to a level not ever reached before or even concieved. I'm back into making my films again and that  costs money. More than I have coming in right now.

That's why I'm seeking some kind of employment to possibly double my income and allow me to still do my film making stuff while enjoying the personal benefits of a part time job. Personal achievement, new friendships and the feeling of working a job on somewhat of a regular basis.

Apr 2005 - Aug 2005

landscaper, helper

Precision Grading and Construction

I left AZ once more to help my younger brother try and get his own business off the ground. We did mostly landscaping duties. Laying sod, planting trees, inlaid stone walkways etc. Catered to the rich mostly in the Boulder Colorado region. However, my brother didn't anticipate the high costs of equipment and overhead and the business never really made it off the ground. Returned to Phoenix to resume my personal studies on filmmaking.

Oct 2000 - Jun 2003

Wedding photography and touch up

Photo Pro Plus

Returned from Colorado and back to Photo Pro Plus. This time the job was much more difficult and I had a hard time catching on. Worked with wedding photography primarily. Also did touch up on large portraits for Glamour Studios. The hot spot for the metro area models to get their photos done. Perfection wasn't good enough. Very demanding and frustrating job at times. Another chance showed itself inColorado so I bowed out gracefully and left.

Feb 1998 - Aug 2000

bagger, ovens, storage and distribution

Rudi's Bakery

I was working for a temp service when I got a call for this job. Really fit in well with the rest of the crew and was super fast wherever they put me. Bought out my contract with the temp service to have me as a regular employee. Was Supervisor over the bagging section in a short period of time. Then they movved me to the ovens where all the fun happens. Then to distribution and inventory loading small trucks with daily deliveries to statewide stores and markets. My numbers were right on the money and I can't remeber a single error that I didn't catch before the trucks drove out in the morning. Great job!

Mar 1995 - May 1998

Print proofer and color corrector

Photo Pro Plus

This was a high class lab for professionals only. Your work had to meet their expectations. This was a fantastic job for me and suited well with my film studies. Too bad it was only part-time except for the Holiday season,..September - February. Was tough at first but soon my cinematography skills and education helped me tie it all together. Super fast! I was proofing and printing 75 rolls of 645 in an hour and a half. Took most six hours to do the same amount of work. Was soon head of the department and the job got boring very quickly when all I did was talk on the phone or walk around drinking coffee all day. When I had the chance to move to Colorado I jumped on it!

Apr 1993 - Jan 1994

Merchandiser, stocker

Coca Cola Incorporated

Duties included stacking and stocking product in store backrooms. Keeping store shelves stocked, building displays, inventory and ordering of product. This was a part time job only on the weekends but my inventory skills made it too easy. Lot's of free time. Will rehire.

May 1982 - Jul 1993

Warehouse manager, Supervisor of twenty

La-Z-Boy Showcase Shoppes

Hired on as 1st employee. In the beginning I was resposible for stocking small backroom, delivery of furniture, cleaning and maintentance of store and property. Head supervisor over repairs. Within two yeaars we now had three stores and 18 employees. Moved growing operation to warehouse in Tempe. Had a right hand man who worked with me. Responsilities included monthly warehouse inventory, unloading trailers and stacking product. Now supervised 9 men at the various locations. Head of repair department and ordering of parts for that department. Within 5 years company had grown to six stores and 48 employees. Moved to larger warehouse. Work details still involved inventory, stacking and sorting product, delivery of product to the stores, supervisor over all repairs. By the time I left there were six stores and over 65 employees. Not one item in ten years was ever lost or missing in my department. Perfect record of inventory. Was suddenly let go without reason or explanation. Still don't know today. Probably was my film interests in the early 90's that discouraged my boss. His son Eddie Breunig owns the company now and will give me a great reference.

Apr 1982 - Aug 1982

Paste up artist

Tower Records Thomas Plaza

My first and only job I got in graphic design. I worked out of my home and had a lot of freedom. Unfortunately, the pay was determined on the amount of work I did. They couldn't keep me busy enogh to keep myself afloat. Had to find different work. Store closed soon after.

Nov 1977 - Jun 1978

Food prep, and dishwasher

K-Bob's Steak House

Continued my love for restaurant work. Did a lot of food preppingin the am and dishwasher at night. I was soon known as the fastest dishwasher in the Southwest and I'll still accept any challenges today. Great job. Met a ot of lifelong friends while working there.

Feb 1977 - Aug 1977

Busboy, Dishwasher

Albierto's restaurant

First job working in a restaurant. I loved it! It was a little to hard on a 17 year old like I was. Had to bus the tables and do the dishwashing. Held onto it as long as I could and learned a lot but I wouldn't last long.

Apr 1976 - Jul 1977

Sacker and stocker

Furr's Supermarket

My first job as a kid found me bagging groceries and stocking shelves. I was still in school so this was part time work for me. Worked well with inventory and stocking. My supervisor liked my work and I was son helping him every day instead of bagging groceries. This would be the foundation of my inventory skills I would be utilizing in the future.


Aug 2005 - Feb 2006

Scottsdale Community College

After returning from Colorado I enrolled back into SCC's film program. One major problem. Everything was computer oriented and I knew nothing about computers at all. I struggled and tried for over a year but the world was just too far ahead of me. I did take a sceenwriting course and did well in that. Screenwriting would take me to my next level in my filmmaking. There would be no more schools after this point. I began doing my film studies at home and this would prove to be most advantageous. My work and skills went through the roof and I found I could learn more by myself than I could elsewhere. A true turning point in my filmmaking interests. 

Apr 1995 - Dec 1995

Mesa Community College

I've been an artist since the age of 4 but had never had a lesson in my life. I took theses two courses in an attempt to spark my interest again and get back to doing my art. It didn't work as I planned but I did learn some things about composition and positive and negative space that would improve my cinematography skills dramatically.

May 1993 - Aug 1995

Scottsdale Community College

After 10 years of working for someone else I decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. I began taking all the film classes I could. Some of them three times over. I was 34 years old and getting a late start in the film business. My first film won 1st Place Narrative at the 13th Annual SCC Film Festival. This would prove to be my lifetime love. I took every class available. I moved to Colorado and It would be sometime before I would make my return to filmmaking.

Sep 1981 - Jun 1982

B.S in Graphic Art

Al Collins Graphic Design School

Studied graphic art and design under the true founder and owner of the school. Al Collins. Short schoolastic period. Very accelerated. Poor selection to spend the college money I had saved. Couldn't compete with the students coming out of ASU's graphic design program.

Feb 1980 - Feb 1981

University of New Mexico

Studied music theory and ear training. Learned Bach's bass configuration theory. I was actively olaying the bar curcuit and this would improve my bass playing dramactically.


I like watching movies. Listening to good music and composing as well. I play the bass guitar. I like camping on clear nights far away from the city so I can see the thousands of stars in space. I'm a cerified star gazer. I like forensic science and good mystery books. Playing trivia games of any sort kind of keeps me on top of my wits. Everyday is a new one for me. I love life. I love living. I love living my life. I'm a teacher and a student both.I guess you could say,..I just like learning something new everyday. Good friendships and those who share your passion are always good to have. I love acting. (not that I'm any good) I just love the art of acting itself. I love being on stage. The center of attention. I'm far from being shy and fear is not in my nature.


My objective in life is to keep chasing my dream. I'm not one to quit the race and sit on the sidelines watching the others go by. I learn from failure as well as success and I have a never-give-up attitude toward life in general. It doesn't matter what I do or how much money I make. I've learned that peace and happiness comes from the inside not from the world around you. My journey is not etched into stone and I don't ever want it to be.

I would like to increase my income so that I can continue my love for film making in my spare time. I can find contentment and happiness in most any job. I feel It's all about the people you work with not about the job itself.

I'm currently looking to supplement my income and will do my very best to anyone who might give me a chance to do that. I've never had any complaints and you'll never regret hiring me to work for you and/or your company.



    My name is Evan Hayenga. I'm currently looking for employment to supplement my income.

    I've been studying, learning and educating myself in film making, directing, screen writing and acting for the last two decades. I've worked on Hollywood Productions, local short films, commercials and music videos  here and there but nothing substantial to stand upon. Film making is my passion. Whether I make it working as a professional or not, I'll always be out shooting film in my spare time.

    Recently, I've been seriously thinking about supplemmenting my income with another job.

    If you are a employer looking this over, I'd like to invite you to look at my qualities I have listed below.

   I feel my schooling and education reflects my desire my ambition to succeed in anything I do. Most of my past employers are out of business now except for my longest term of employment with La-Z-boy Showcase Shoppes. They're more than willing to give an excellent reference about my work attitude and ethic.

    I'm super fast, hard working, intelligent, dedicated, honest and reliable. Most of all, I'm fun to work with! I take pride in doing my very best I can and always go beyond what is expected if I can. I speak English and a little Spanish as well. My schedule is wide open except for Tuesdays and Thursdays 6am to 1pm. I will work any shift, weekends, nights, and Holidays. I don't drink or use drugs and I'm in the best physical condition of my life. I'm healthy and I rarely get sick. I am a good leader but I can be a great follower as well. I'm a team player and I'm extremely easy to work with. I have a spotless crimal and/or driving record. I love life and I love living it.

    If you're loking for someone on your staff who you can count on and value for years to come....look no further than this.

    I'm currently enrolled in a "Pharmacy Tech" program school at the moment and will be graduating the end of next May. I'm looking foward to working in that area in the future ahead of me. I would probably seek a change of position at that time if your company offers a position in that area of service.

I'm single with no children. There are absolutely no limitations or boundries in that area to cause  problems. I answer to myself and have no other responsibilties to keep me tied down. My top priorities in life are my income, my job, my passion and my life.

    I have great skills and training in customer relations. Something you can't be taught in classrooms but can only come with experience. I've held several management positions in my lifetime. I believe this is where my ability for maintaining good relationships with fellow workers, supervisors and customers comes from. I enjoy working and I enjoy working with others.

It isn't so much about the money. It's about the friendships and the fun I have meeting and working with new people. That's where the true reward lies in the end.

    In closing, if you're looking for an a person who works hard, has a great work ethic and is totally dedicated to my employer. Please, take me into consideration. 



Inventory and product control

I worked for La-Z-boy furniture company for over ten years and I'm proud to say,...we never lost one single piece of merchandise in that period. That was back when inventory as done on paer. Today you have the advantage of a scanner which speeds up work time cosiderably. So far as being as accurate as a human mind I have yet to find out. In those ten years at La-Z-boy we went through well over a million items. Probably two. I'm proud to say there never was anything lost during my presense there. I'm good with numbers and math. Sometimes I will resort to a calculator but not that often. I consider myself an expert because of my flawless record in inventory and product control.

Customer relations

Customer relationships do not come from reading any textbook. Or from the lips of the teachers. It comes from years of learning how to cope and handle any situation(s) that arise in the retail market world. Again, psycology plays a major role in your communication skills with another human being. You must be kind yet stern and in control. Show compassion and understanding while maintaining a sense of confidence, discipline and self-control. Everyone is different so every situation can be too. It's one of my favorite things to do and I have a great deal of experience I've gained throughout the years dealing with customers. They told us the hardest part about being a Pharmacy Tech was dealing with customers. Boy was I glad to hear that!


I am a creative person at heart. I have been creating original artwork since the age of 10. Look at my portfolio for examples of some of my work.

Photography and Cinematography

I am an expert in Cinematography. Both in the field and back in the lab. I still strive to improve this extremely difficult arrea of interest to this day. Cinematography is photography. Video cameras have nothing to do with the fine art of Cinematography. A lot of people these dats go out and but a little inexpensive camcorder and think they are going to make the next million dollar movie. Unfortunately, most of these people have refused to learn anything about film making itself.     I work with film. True Cinema.