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My goals are to expose myself to the private or corporate business world. By constantly pushing myself towards an IT career, I plan to learn as much as I can while dealing and coping with the ever changing world of technology. I believe computers are the base of technology, just like how the seed is the most basic form of any fruit. Because of this belief, I have learned a great amount about computers and its components so that I may be as fruitful as possible to my career in the future. I plan on learning well beyond my school years so that I may lead my peers into this new era of technology.

Work experience

Jul 2009Nov 2009


Parkside Cafe (AT&T HQ)

Employees were responsible to arrive to work on time by 6:00am every morning, Monday through Friday. Preparation of making fresh Seattle’s Best coffee was executed upon arrival. Espresso machinesare to be warmed up and ready for the arrival of customers. Baristas are responsible to accept and prepare drinks to order in a timely fashion.  Learned to make all type of drinks from espressos to frappacinos.

Apr 2009Jun 2009

Interim Manager

G&A Roofing and Remodeling

Position included a 6 week program to shadow a manager everyday for 2 weeks. Interims are required to stayready and pay attention to detail about roofing, remodeling, home improvements, etc. Also were required to learn about insurance policies and company work ethics. Must be quick on their feet and be able to give attention and advice to customers on a timely fashion. Last 4 weeks included managing teams of roofers and helping multiple customers at the same time as well as getting contracts signed for work.

Jun 2008Nov 2008

Peripheral Operator

Traveler’s Insurance

Entry level for operators in the Data Center for Traveler’s Insurance Company. Operators are required to learn how to efficiently process machines and adequately finish their scheduled requirements everyday using the mail or output processing machines.

Jun 2006May 2008



Managers are required to open and close the store.  Managers service customers on a daily basis while balancing and maintaining the store. Also were required to maintain attitude and gain experience in retail. Responsible for relaying and maintaining relations between the store owner and other team members. Keeping track of inventory while keeping track of sales (POS) was one of the most important responsibilities for Managers.

Jun 2005Apr 2007

APNC Representative


An organized group made up from the English Ministry at Korean Community Presbyterian Church (Duluth hwy) to hire a new Associate Pastor. Meetings were held every Saturday morning to discuss possible candidates and strategies to hire new pastors. The APNC were responsible to recommend and appoint possible candidates.Negotiated salaries and offers as well as marketed by posting ads for position openings.

Jun 2006Jul 2006


Red Cross

Receptionists are required to have donators sign their names in and have donators donate in the orderly fashion in which they came. Receptionists help donators with their snacks and drinks. Make sure that donators are in good condition after donating blood or platelets. (Volunteered on Saturdays)


Aug 2005Present


Georgia State University

Having changed my major numerous times to finally figuring out my goals has been a constant struggle for me.  I am currently a full time student at Georgia State University (GO PANTHERS!).  GSU has recently received alot of attention in the sports world for their launch of their football team.  I plan on doing exceptionally well in my classes so that I may start my major classes to graduate.  Upon graduation, I plan on finding a job that is well suited for my major and my skills which is the IT field.