Kristen Forster

Kristen Forster

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 2011 - Present

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Animal Science Department at Michigan State University

    In Dr. Orth's lab, I worked on a study that simulated the effectiveness of treating arthritis with synthetic chondroitin sulfate.  We used cartilage taken from the knees of steers and placed it into a bovine media infused with interleukin-1 (IL-1) to simulate the damage created from arthritis.  After treatment with the osteoclastic-activating factor (IL-1), synthetic chondroitin sulfate was placed into the test tubes to test the efficacy of repairing the damaged cartilage.  My main role in this project was mixing and pH-ing media, labeling test tubes, pipetting media into the tubes, changing the media and removing the cartilage discs, and performing several different computerized analysis of the affected media.

  Currently, I am preparing to analyze CT scans of chicken legs in order to examine bone density in relation to the body weight  of the bird.

Sep 2009 - May 2011

Undergraduate Research Assistant

McPhail Equine Performance Center

At Mcphail, I gained valuable experience working with horses in research.  I assisted with motion analysis setup and data collection over force plates.  Postmortem, I assisted with the disarticulation and cleaning of various bones of the equine spine and legs.  I also tracked the data using programs such as Cortex and EVART.  In addition to these research experiences, I also was able to observe/ assist with handling of several horses that came in for examination and ultrasound

Jun 2010 - Aug 2010

Veterinary Assistant

Towne and Country Animal Hospital

At Towne and Country Animal Hospital, I helped the veterinarians restrain animals during treatment. I also administered vaccinations, scheduled client appointements, provided care for the boarding animals, and assisted in surgery.

May 2010 - Jul 2010


Bar None Steak and Fish

At Bar None, I worked 30-40 hours a week serving customers.  I gained valuable communication skills here.

Aug 2007 - Aug 2009

Instructor's Assistant

Shiloh Training Center

At Shiloh Training Center, I had the opportunity to exercise dressage horses, assist with children’s lessons, and travel with the owner of the farm (a dressage judge) to various horse shows where I served as a scribe.  I also assisted with the day-to-day care and maintenance of the horses. I gained riding and horse management skills here.


Sep 2009 - Present

BA (in progress)

Michigan State University

3.825 GPA

Anticipated Graduation: Spring 2012


Originally, I had intended on attending Michigan State University to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine; however, my plans changed after visiting an orphanage in Guatemala on a mission's trip.  After experiencing first-hand the extreme poverty in the villages on the outskirts of Guatemala City, I feel called to a future in medical missions.  I am now intending to apply my interests in biomechanics and the musculoskeletal system to the realm of human medicine.  Currently, I am in the process of applying to medical schools and taking the MCAT.


-Member of the Honors College at Michigan State University

-Professorial Assistant

-Member of the Midwest Dressage Association (horseback riding)

-Leader in Spartan Christian Fellowship

-Team Translator: Mission's Trips to Guatemala

-Running-training for a half-marathon


Acceptance into Medical School to obtain my MD. With this degree, I would like to serve as an international family practitioner through a world mission's organization. 




I have taken Spanish classes for 6 years now.  I have also traveled to Guatemala and Mexico where I was able to employ my Spanish speaking abilities as I worked among the people in a church and an orphanage.