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Ratsa Iryna

Position as a Nurse or Health Care Provider .


To seek employment as a medical nurse, wherein I can apply my skills and knowledge, and make use of them to reinforce the facility’s operations.

  1. Proficiency in administering oral and parenteral medications to patients;
  2. Expertise in assessing signs and symptoms and customers;
  3. Proficiency in providing independent nursing care treatments to clients;
  4. Expertise in operating several hospital machineries and equipment;
  5. Ability to perform several diagnostic procedures;
  6. Expertise in Intravenous line insertion;
  7. Proficiency in relaying pertinent information and referring abnormal data or results to the attending physicians;
  8. Quick Thinking;
  9. Great work ethics;
  10. Resourcefulness;
  11. Commendable interpersonal skills.

Work experience

Apr 2015Aug 2015

Junior Medical Nurse

Oxford medical .Private Hospital  


  • Conducts daily rounds with the attending physician;
  • Assists the doctor with several procedures and treatments;
  • Assesses patients and referred abnormalities or problems to the attending physician;
  • Administers medications as needed;
  • Completes patient records;
  • Conducts health teachings to both the patient and her relatives;
  • Creates home plans for discharged patients;
  • Supervises the work of junior medical nurses;
  • Tabulates the monthly and annual ward census and presented the data to the Hospital Administrators;
  • Acts as an adviser for the Hospital’s Nursing Care Quality Assurance Committee.

Jun 2014Nov 2014

Junior Medical Nurse

Kmedical group, Private Hospital  


  • Administered the prescribed medications to the patients;
  • Assisted the doctor in patient rounds;
  • Assessed patient signs and symptoms;
  • Completed patient records;
  • Took the patient’s vital signs and referred any abnormalities to the attending physician;
  • Assisted in lab exams and other diagnostic procedures, and relayed the results to the attending physician;
  • Referred the patient to other specialists as per the doctor’s order;
  • Instructed patients on lifestyle changes for immediate recovery;
  • Created discharge plans for recovered patients;
  • Administered oral and parenteral medications to patients;
  • Assessed patient condition and referred abnormalities to the attending physician;
  • Took vital signs;
  • Completed patient records as required by the hospital;
  • Assisted the doctor in patient rounds;
  • Assisted in lab examinations and other diagnostic procedures;
  • Relayed results (normal and abnormal) to the attending physician;
  • Documented and reported patient’s reaction to treatments and diagnostic procedures;
  • Formulated healthcare plans for discharged patients.

nurse anesthetist

Kirovohrad regional hospital


Feb 2009Apr 2009

Anaesthesiology and Reanimation-specialisation

Kirovograd Medical college

Uman medical college


  1. Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing;
  2. Pediatric Nursing;
  3. Medical and Surgical Nursing;
  4. Community Health Nursing;
  5. Fundamentals of Nursing;
  6. Pharmacology;
  7. Basic Life Support;
  8. Advanced Cardiac Life Support;
  9. Intravenous Insertion and Phlebotomy;
  10. Anatomy;
  11. Chemistry.

Text section

IT Knowledge:

Medical Software's
MS Office, Open Office.

Foreign Languagese:

English - Intermediate,

Russian - native.


Compliance with the rules for sanitary and epidemiological conditions;
Reception and processing of patients delivered by ambulance;
Disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipment;
Assisting with intravenous and endotracheal anesthesia, spinal and epidural anesthesia and analgesia during blood transfusions;
 Assisting the doctor intubation;
 Assisting in the formulation of central venous, epidural catheters;
 Work with the accounting and narcotic drugs;

Work with the ventilator, with anesthesia machine, the system of daily monitoring, infusion devices;
Record keeping: anesthetic card sheet narcotic prescriptions,
First aid in case of emergency, resuscitation;