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A successful executive with 20 years of extensive experience, Dominick Sartorio rose as one of the prominent figures in management of the chemical, medical device, and emerging technology industries. Dominick Sartorio began working for The Asset Backed Security Group in New York, New York. During his first couple of years as a Regional Sales Manager, Dominick Sartorio earned the honor of top sales producer for the company for four consecutive years. He supported his nearly $4 million territory while creating an additional 35 percent of the company’s new business. In 1994, Dominick Sartorio changed companies and became the Regional Sales Manager for Telekurs in New York, New York. While he once again was a top sales producer for several years, Dominick Sartorio regenerated sales in poor performing territories to an impressive 145% increase in annual sales. He also developed new markets in the United States and Canada. He was responsible for closing contracts with several national finance companies, including Citibank, Bank of New York, and JP Morgan. Eventually, Dominick Sartorio cofounded his own company, Marquee Group, LLC, in Farmingdale, New York. The firm was structured to be the umbrella for a series of other companies in the chemical, medical device and emerging technology manufacturing and distribution industries. He assumed the roles of Executive Vice President of Sales and Chief Executive Officer and proved to be invaluable to its growth. He acquired numerous global manufacturing plants, including companies in the pharmaceutical, antioxidant, antimicrobial, preservative, and pesticide industries. Dominick Sartorio managed the company's widely dispersed offices with domestic plants in New York, Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Louisiana, and also overseas in Brazil, Barcelona, Peru, Russia, India, and China. Currently Dominick Sartorio holds the position of Director of New Business for Legacy Management Consulting Group, LLC in New York, New York. As a senior executive, Dominick Sartorio continues to benefit the company by creating a performance generated culture and motivating his teams on sales management, marketing, and communications.

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Director of New Business

Legacy Management Consulting Group



Farmingdale University