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Market Data Systems Engineer with 17+ years of experience working in the Financial Industry in New York and Asia Pacific, with end-to-end Project Management Experience (PMP certified). In search of my next assignment in a challenging and global enterprise; where my skills and experience could be utilized effectively to contribute to the overall mission of the organization.

Work experience

Feb 2016Present

Market Data Specialist

Commonwealth Bank of Australia


  • Implemented a Proof-of-concept for ITRS GeneOS monitoring system for Market Data and other Trading Applications within Development where a manual system was in place earlier.
  • Supported the whole Market Data infrastructure at CBA as a team of two.



  • Provided end-to-end operational support for the market data environment primarily within IB&M, and firm-wide; which includes Thomson Reuters TREP, FXT, Bloomberg, and other Market Data platforms and Data feeds into Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, London and New York
  • Hands-on role in the development and deployment of Market Data technology solutions
  • Perform Market Data system monitoring, incident management and problem resolution, disaster recovery coordination, testing and execution
  • Provide out of hours support/escalation for offshore IT teams to troubleshoot Market Data infrastructure issues.
Sep 2012Jun 2014

IB Trading Technologies Engineer

JP Morgan Chase & Co.


  • Manage Market-data Engineering Projects and implementations in the APAC Region.
  • Support Asia-Pacific Market Data infrastructure as a team for maximum reliability and 99.99% uptime. JPM Asia Pacific Market Data infrastructure is spread out in regional countries over Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, India, Japan and Australia.


  • Managed a project to upgrade Taiwan Stock Exchange circuit connectivity to low latency wombat infrastructure.
Oct 2007Aug 2012

Sr Systems Engineer / AVP

Citi Group


  • Manage Market-data Engineering Projects and implementations in the APAC Region.
  • Support Asia-Pacific Market Data infrastructure as a team for maximum reliability and 99.99% uptime. Citi Asia Pacific MDS infrastructure includes 200+ servers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, India, China, and minor countries; consisting of 3000+ Users and Application servers.
  • Host the bi-weekly MDS Engineering project meeting to discuss issues in the region.
  • Liaise with all Market Data Vendors to maintain Citi Market Data infrastructure.
  • Ensure all Engineering work adhere to Citi policies and to ensure compliance.


  • Implemented a Reuters RMDS6 infrastructure in Citi Asia Pacific region and successfully migrated all users to the new infrastructure with no issues, on-time and budget.
  • Achieved standardization of all Asia-Pacific Reuters RMDS infrastructure components and configurations to current Vendor supported versions.
  • Integrated multiple direct exchange feeds (RDF-D’s) in Korea, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
  • Implemented Broker feeds (e.g. GFI, E-speed) and B-PIPE service out of NY to Asia-pacific.
  • Implemented Bloomberg B-Pipe Feed into HK and SG.
  • Implemented GenOs - Netagent monitoring tools to monitor MDS infrastructure.
  • Implemented a resilient Reuters Wireless Data System (RWDS ver 3.2) to support 200+ Blackberry devices for real-time Market Data delivery in APAC within budget and scope. Consolidated Australia and Japan users into APAC RWDS System.
  • Worked on an integrated DACS6 Entitlement System in Asia-Pacific, Japan and Australia.
  • Evaluated the ageing Reuters Prism system with 100+ Reuters Dealing users in the Fixed-income trading floor and presented usage characteristics to determine possible upgrade path; initiated Vendor communication for system migration.
  • Consolidated redundant RMDS, RWDS users to reduce vendor licensing and support costs.
  • Designed and implemented the Arcontech system for Contribution services for APAC, Sydney and Japan, identified a migration plan for existing users into the new Contribution service.
  • Completed all Quarterly RCSA for compliance.
Oct 2010May 2011

Sr Systems Engineer / AVP

Citi Australia


  • Work with Sydney Market Data team to Engineer and Support APAC wide Citi Market Data infrastructure integration and standardization.


  • Achieved Standardization of RMDS system in Australia with APAC, ensuring all RMDS components are consistent across the region in preparation for exchange data feed updates.
  • Successfully integrated Australia users into the regional RMDS DACS6 entitlement system.
  • Advised Australia team on through experience, on migrating Solaris server to Linux.
  • Implemented a test environment for RMDS on RedHat OS Virtualization.
  • Implemented Vendor direct B-pipe (Bloomberg) feeds into APAC RMDS infrastructure.
  • Implemented conflated IDN feed.
Apr 2006Sep 2007

Systems Consultant

Rolling Management Services (Pvt) Ltd.


  • Managed a 3 member IT team to support a company-wide operation of 120 networked PC's
  • Hosted a weekly meeting to discuss all aspects of IT operations.


  • Optimized network traffic by re-designing distributed Network (3 sites), connected via IP/VPN; Improved network reliability and implemented redundancy.
  • Improved Network Security through implementation of Firewalls and proxies using Linux; implemented network monitoring to reduce intra-Net broadcast and multicast traffic and to identify and reduce potential internal security threats.
  • Introduced more effective methods to manage and support networked PC’s using remote operations, using VNC; implemented VPN remote access; On line resource management and trouble-ticket submission system; Educated end users to utilize IT system and resources.
  • Implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system with Vtiger to improve company-wide day-to-day operations, and implemented Orange HR Management system; evaluated an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for company-wide integration.
  • Initiated and advised on a new company website with the right balance of technology.
  • Reduced IT operations costs by eliminating vendor dependencies and negotiating new network support contracts, reducing overheads, centralizing resources.
Oct 2001Feb 2006

Systems Engineer

Bear Stearns & Co. Inc


  • Manage and support the Market data Infrastructure to ensure high availability of all system.
  • Provided timely resolution to Market Data Infrastructure Hardware and Software issues.
  • Provide resolution to user data content issues originating from multiple vendor services.
  • Coordinate with Vendors and in-house Engineering and Network teams to resolve Market Data systems issues.


  • Successfully migrated Reuters DACS entitlement database to new infrastructure. Set up and configured Reuters DACS Permissions servers Triarch Engineering backbone and integrated Engineering permissions into production Market Data.
  • Involved in Several Engineering projects to install and upgrade Market Data infrastructure: Reuters Data Feeds (RDF), Session Servers, Vendor IDB’s (Prebon, Tullet, Liberty, Hill, Patriot, Marketlink, Surf), Vendor Network migrations, and in-house service consolidations.
  • Integrated new low-latency Direct-Exchange feeds using WOMBAT systems and supported daily tick-by-tick data for gathering exchange feed data (arca, nyse)
Apr 2000Oct 2001

Systems Engineer

Reuters America Inc


  • Provided a total integration Solutions from back-end to workstation for Clients requiring Market Data Systems and Reuters Vendor Feeds.
  • Coordinate and manage projects from Site Survey’s to completion involving all related parties.
  • Evaluated and suggested existing customers for Reuters System performance improvements.
  • Carry out Client site based maintenance tasks to ensure client satisfaction.


  • Implemented and configured AMS’s, Sink / Source Distributors, ISFS, DACS Effix Licensing, Session Servers. Configured 3d party Feeds such as Cantor, Bridge, and Telerate to work with Triarch Systems. Concept of IDN and HPSN data delivery.
  • Implemented blade-runner and fixed Internet access. Configured VPN over IPSec for smaller clients. Configured Bay routers for Bladerunner and Session Servers. Integrated 3000 Extra, Kobra, RTW, 3000 Products (Markets, Energy, Money, and Fixed income), DBU Servers, PowerPlusPro and Reuters Plus Workstations, PRISM products into client sites.
  • Negotiated with large customer environments, requiring unique solutions for Networking, Firewall, NAT/PAT issues, and worked closely with client Administrators. Troubleshoot T1/64k circuit issues and pinpoint problems, and to resolve such problems with data centers and Telco’s.
Jun 1999Aug 1999

Systems Administrator

Goldman Sachs (Tokyo)


  • Worked with the Fixed-Income UNIX / NT Systems Administration team.
  • Prepared Solaris based Workstations for trading floor deployment, using Jumpstart.
  • Tested latest end user market data package builds for deployment into production.
Jul 1997Dec 1997

Field Engineer

Millennium Information Technologies Ltd.,


  • Configured and supported Sun Hardware, resolved issues related to Operating Systems and Hardware ranging from Sun Sparc station 5,10,20 workstations, Netra T1, Netra 20, J Servers, Sun Disk arrays at Client Sites.
  • Supported troubleshooting issues for Solaris 2.5.1, SUN-OS and JAVA OS related issues, X Windows, CDE configurations, patch updates, DNS servers, Raid arrays, Performance enhancements to client Sites (Internet Service Providers, Banks).
  • Configured, resolved Networking issues related Switches, routers, and SUN hardware.
  • Implemented and educated staff on new Intra-net web server.


Sep 1991Jul 1995


The University of Manchester

Final Year Subjects: Electronic Systems, Control Engineering, Information Storage Systems, Mechanical Engineering, Engineering Management and Design for Production.

Aug 1993Jul 1994

Exchange Year

Kwansei Gakuin University

Exchange Year with Japanese language training and Business studies together with Engineering project from the Science School. Business subjects: Industrial Organization in Japan, Japanese Psychology, Government and Politics in Japan, Modern Japanese History, Public Policy & the Political Economy of Japan, Japanese Economy and Japanese Business. Engineering subjects: Electronics lvl 2, Solid State Physics lvl 1,General Physics lvl 3. Project: Measurement of retardation of Polarised Light and Intensity using Electronics.


Linux / Unix Administration
Implementing and managing Linux and Unix based systems
Network Administration
Manaing TCP/IP based networks
Project Management
Implementing and Managing Reuters RMDS Systems and components


Nov 2000Present

Cisco Certified Networks Associate (CCNA)

Cisco Systems
Sep 2000Present

Sun Certified Solaris Administrator (SCSA)

Sun Microsystems
Jun 2009Jun 2012

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute