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Throughout high school I have realized that my strengths lean towards people, rather than straight academics. For this reason, I wish to pursue careers revolving around interacting with people, such as Criminal Profiling. I would like to either go to a two-year school and transfer into a four-year university from there, in order to save funds, or go straight to said university. Both San Francisco State/University have been on my mind because of the location; San Francisco is a very appealing city to me personally and I know I would thrive there. LSU is another university I have been thinking about as I have family very near the campus and around the state that I do not see very often and thus would appreciate being near them, whilst receiving a respectable education.


GPA- 3.2

Class rank- 148/469

Sep 2012Jun 2015

Academic Schedule

Valhalla high

12th grade

AP English Literature

AP Statistics

Chamber Ensemble

AP Environmental Science

AP Government 

11th grade

AP Language 


Advanced Women's Ensemble


AP U.S. History


10th grade

Honors English

Honors Algebra II


Honors Chemistry

AP World History


9th grade

Honors English

Honors Geometry

Physical Education


Pre-AP World History

Advanced Theatre

EXtra Curricular Activities

Fine Arts
  • Musical theatre background (Honors Drama, advanced theatre)
  • Choral training
  • Member of Advanced Women's Ensemble (Choreographer/Choral Voice)
  • Photography student
  • Key Club member two years
  • VHS Interact member 
  • Link Crew leader
  • JV swim sophomore year
  • Received Coaches Award
  • Starting JV goalie freshman year
  • Varsity goalie two years

Interests and Community Service

During the holidays, my father and I bring food to the homeless and will occasionally collect socks and such necessities for them. I have participated in many assembly lines making care packages for soldiers. Through Key Club and VHS Interact, I have been apart of clean-ups, mural paintings, food/clothes/toy drives, and many other voluntary experiences. 


Quote- ''Happiness is not the absence of problems, it's the ability to deal with them.''