Lewis Pusey

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2012 - Jul 2014

Railroad Signals Engineer & Project Manager

Pan Am Railways
● Oversight for project accounting recoverable of all vehicle and mechanical equipment of direct reports from 18 area managers in IBM SAP and Excel. ● Project planning costing and estimating for signal projects. ● Plan design layouts in CAD, writing signals technical documentation, CAD printing, and book making.
Jan 2011 - Jan 2012

Transportation Services Representative

Pan Am Railways
● Transportation Services Representative for Springfield Terminal at Pan Am Railways ● Rail traffic release management and way billing ● Demurrage charges and customer billing and rail service issues resolution. ● IBM RMI Rail connect SAP EDI data management for billing. ● Oversaw the release of tens of thousands of freight cars annually.
Jul 2008 - Jul 2009

Quality Analyst GIS Data Production

● Senior Production Quality Project Management Analyst. ● Statistical analytic reporting to mid and upper level management for outsourcing returns for data production units. ● Final product acceptance signoff and work reject creation for final product data commit cycles. ● Digital mapping specialist for advanced feature logic and topology. ● Outsourcing relational database returns QA, QC auditing; outsourced work creation, issue determination and resolution, and work re-assignment.


Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Graduate Certification

Northeastern University, College of Professional Studies

Advanced GIS Analysis 1 & 2, Arc GIS, Arc Map, Arc GIS Desktop, Arc Catalog, Geographic Information Systems Planning for Managers, Virtual Basic, ARC Objects, Python Model Builder, Remote Sensing, System Design

Jan 1997 - Jan 1998

Bachelor's Degree

Johnson State College

Fine Art Painting, Drawing, Printing, Design



Electronic Data Interchange

Billing, Traffic Management, Accounting, RailConnect


Geo Spatial Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Accounting Analysis, Quality Control Analysis, Reporting, Managing, ArcGIS, Excel, EDI

Civil Engineering

CAD, Printing, Costing, Accounting, Project Management, Documentation Control, Specification Authoring, Wide Format Printing, Scanning, Line Plans, As Built Drawings


Online, Statistical, Geo Spatial, Library, Database Integration Verification

Online Research

Geo Spatial, Addressing, Navigation, Point of Interest, Topological, Object Oriented, Statistical

Freight Transportation

Release Billing, Way Billing, Freight Forwarding, Railroad

Railroad Engineering

CAD, Plotting, Printing, Cost Planning, Project Accounting Management, Line Plans, As Built Signal Drawings

Railway Systems

Signal Engineering, Project Management, Accounting Management, Manager, Transportation Management, Freight Management

Microsoft Word


Oil, Water Color, Abstract Expressionist, Symbolic & Landscape professional studio artist

AS400 system

Accounting, Transportation Management, Billing, RailConnect


Command line, Scripting, C Shell



Business Communications

Technical Writing


Graphic Design

Digital Mapping

Long experience with world leaders


Leading addressing and geo coding database development used by Google, Postal Service, Banking, Naviagion

Qualitative Research

Database Production Quality Control

Data Analysis

Statistical, Geo Spatial, Accounting

Microsoft Office

Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Data Modeling

Geo Info Systems, Navigation, Addressing, Topology, Integration

Report Writing

Senior Quality Control Reports

Quality Assurance

Final Database Production Quality Assurance

Spatial Analysis

ArcGIS Extensions

GIS analysis




Google, TomTom

Spatial Databases


Written working application


Statistical Data Analysis



Project Estimation

Project Accounting

Project Planning

Project Management