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To be able to give brand new ideas for the performances of the company and self-improvement.

Voluntary and/or Organizational Experience

Jan 2015Nov 2015

Tenant Division

Entrepreneurship Expo 2015

Entrepreneurship Expo is an annual event presented by President University Major Association of Business Administration. The main goal is to encourage local business by facilitating the space and time for them to advertise and operate the business.
Serving as tenant divion, I am expected to be able to communicate with people from different background. I am responsible on tenants under my supervision, either taking complaints or problems from the loading process until the end of the event.

Jan 2014Nov 2014

Decoration Division

Entrepreneurship Expo 2014

I was in a team of six in decoration division and was in the process of learning how the organization work at the first time. The job assigned was related to the idea of the isles decorations, the ambience of the venue. I was also being assigned to be involved in mini group of the event to assist tenants.

Mar 2015Jun 2015



Mareshku is an entrepreneurship project where I was involved in finance. The operations of Mareshku improved my analysis level, since many aspects were unstable and flexible. I learned how to forecast, how to react on the situation around.


Food and beverages

Gathering and organization regeneration. 
I was trusted to be in charge in some organization projects like major gathering, religion events, and also organization regenerations. As a collective and social events, event though I was in F&B division, I was also being involved in other division, like communication.

Educational Background

Aug 20132016

Undergraduate program

President University
Majoring in Business Administration
Concentrated in Retail Business
Jul 2010Jun 2013

High School

Santo Yosef



Native Proficiency


Professional Proficiency

Chinese Language

Basic Proficiency