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Best Work

I've broken multiple records. one as a sophmore and the other as a junior. in the 100 meter hurdles and long jump. I've also broken records a little meets which isn't that important to me. I've been all across the world for track and i have a lot of talent. 

Goals For Life

My goal is to break my record at state this year in the hurdles and run a 13.5. i am going to accomplish this goal by working out everyday and working hard. Doing what it takes to get to where i need to be to be the best. 

My Highlights

The best moment in Year book class when we make mrs stout laugh. i might bust out with random dances or just do dumb things. lol! like when i was trying to suck the bar b Q out of my phone and she was laughing at me. Another good time was when Mykayla feel out her chair! that was so random! hahahahahaha!!!


i am hard working when i want to be,i work up to standards with my work and my ability in track. Im am very outspoken and like to speak my mind. Any time we have a class discussion i am one to take lead and control and get my point across. Energetic, i am a very hyper person who likes to interact with people and get to know new people. I am not afraid to mingle with other people. i might even dance randomly.!


i use to be in the pep club. i run track play basketball and volleyball. i do community service at my mothers job by baby sitting kids. 

Personal Initiatives

I didn't do anything for you this year Mrs. Stout. My partner KALEN did not work so i had to force him to come to class and do his work my threating him and telling him that he was going to fail and not graduate. He never comes to class and when he does he is late or doesn't do his work and doesn't work up to standards. I had the worst partner ever! I hope he reads this.!


I have learned how to use photo shop and the year book software. Thats basically it because that is all you need for this class.

Work experience

Apr 2011Present

Sales Associate

Tommy Hilfiger


Washington High School