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Sep 2014Present

Bachelor of Science: Molecular Biophysics

University of Warsaw

I'm getting a degree in a highly advanced field of experimental science, so you know I'm smart. You can't go wrong with hiring a smart guy.

The course also includes basic programming and IT, which would allow me to easily solve any technology-related challenges I face.

Sep 2002May 2014

Solo Violin

ZPOSM3 im. Grażyny Bacewicz w Warszawie

I have a full high school education with the added bonus of having a diploma in violin and history of music: In the eye of the law, this makes me a professional musician. And everyone loves musicians!


IT Skills
I'm fully versed in using a computer and all its features. I'm capable of fluid use of any modern operating system (And quite a few archaic ones). 
I'm fully fluent in written and spoken English. I have finished a private English course up to C2 level and spent months abroad speaking no other language. Any write-ups or reports that I'd have to create would be a pleasure to both write and read.
Video Games
You want someone who's good at gaming? Then you want me. I'm a gaming messiah. From Dwarf Fortress to Total War, from Pong to COD: Advanced Warfare, if you need something played, I'm your guy. I've been playing video games since I was 3 years old and at this point, I'm willing to bet that you won't find a better person for the job.
Foreign Languages
I'm currently studying Russian and Chinese Mandarin. The results are not great yet, but they might still prove a valuable asset.

About Me

I'm a sociable, motivated and energetic young guy who's in love with modern technology and excited about everything around me. I make friends instantly and always find time to help others. I have a wide variety of interests and passions, and never give up when facing hard challenges. I'm relaxed and easy-going, but reliable and patient when it comes to solving problems, both my own and, perhaps more importantly, yours. 

In my free time, I enjoy hitchhiking, opera music, video games, and modern science fiction books.