Leslie Wilson

Leslie Wilson

You know you're a recruiter when...

when in regular typing of correspondences or descriptions, etc. you start using all CAPS for any of the Boolean operators!

Results-Oriented, Motivated!

I am a skilled university-trained working professional, with a massive results-oriented approach to my day. 

I have a variety of interests and a unique recruiting exposure to Aviation/ Aerospace, Engineering, IT, College, and Sales.

I enjoy problem solving, brainstorming outloud, technical conversations, and crunching numbers.

I am an entrepreneur-minded person, great to work individually or on a motivated conversant team. 

I am comfortable in both a virtual or office atmosphere.

Interests may include:

  • Worldwide Recruitment (Aviation/ Aerospace, Engineering, College, IT, Green), 
  • Regionally based business development, 
  • Providing career assistance to entry level folks, 
  • Technical or contract or proposal writing, 
  • Establishing green operations or greener homes, 
  • Real Estate research.

Mythbusting - fact versus fiction on winter energy saving.

MYTH: Furnace filters work no matter how long they're in use.

REALITY: Replacing or cleaning old filters can reduce dust and save 5% in heating costs.

MYTH:Keeping drapes and blinds closed keeps in heat.

REALITY: Opening up drapes and blinds on windows with a southern exposure lets the sun in, heating your home for free.

MYTH: Fireplaces are great sources of warmth in the winter.

REALITY: Fireplaces pull heated air out of the house so use it sparingly and be sure the damper is closed when it’s not in use.

MYTH: Humidifiers add moisture to the air, making it feel cold.

REALITY: Moister air feels warmer, so by adding a humidifier, you can set your thermostat lower to help you save money.

MYTH: Only experts can tell if your doors have air leaks.

REALITY: Place a piece of paper between the door and frame and shut the door - if you can pull the paper out without tearing it, you should weather-strip around the door.

Skills, Technologies & ATS

Microsoft Office: Excel, Word, Outlook, Project, PowerPoint, Access, SharePoint

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): Bullhorn, Vurv, Recruitmax, Brassring, Resumix, Sharepoint, Hiring Network, Talent Hook, ICIMS, ACT!, Orchestrata, HodesIQ

Technical: Photoshop, Adobe, some HTML, website management

Research: Dynamic internet searching, Boolean strings, data mining, review of scholarly journals and government documents and newspapers, evaluating sources, question and survey writing, mapping search strategies, superior writing & communication skills, fluent in MLA and APAdocumentation styles

Human Resources: Orientation & on-boarding, training & development, performance management, organizational development, HR policies & procedures, Staff recruitment & retention, employee relations, employment law, HR department startup 


·AIRS –Build a Strong Corporate Internal Referral Program

·Recruiting within the Law Training

·Security Clearance Overview Training, Lunch ‘n Learn

·Excel Training, Lunch ‘n Learn

·Effective On boarding with a Limited Budget Webinar

·Knowledge Workers

·Lefkowitz Referral Based Recruiting

·Passive Candidate Searches Training

·Monster Power Recruiter Workshop

·Utilizing LinkedIn as A Recruiting Tool Training, Lunch ‘n Learn

·Power Searching for Resumes on Google, SWAT recruiting

·OFCCP compliance, ADA, EEO, W3C

·Subscribes to SHRM & AIRS newsletters, webinars



·Talent Bar


·Guy Kawasaki – Art of Start

·Google Hacks 2.0

·And more!

Where else to find me...

I have a profile on: LinkedIn, Facebook, VisualCV, and Meetup.com.  Will be creating one for uBoast.com, and more!



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