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Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Emerging Writer in Diaspora Dialogues


Creative writing, reading, travel


As a Scope Writer at the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation, Leslie Shimotakahara combines careful, detail-oriented research with responsiveness under pressure. The projects undertaken by the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation require a high degree of collaboration with a variety of stakeholders, in a timely manner. Leslie Shimotakahara's ability to craft scopes that meet the needs of a range of complex projects - infrastructure, parks and bridges, for instance - attests to her consummate consultation and communication skills. Leslie Shimotakahara first discovered a talent for meticulous research as an undergraduate student at McGill University. The winner of the McConnell Scholarship and the Lionel Shapiro Award for Achievement in English, Leslie Shimotakahara went on to graduate studies at Brown University, where she received a number of other fellowships and awards during her doctoral candidacy. A faculty position at St. Francis Xavier University followed her time at Brown. Leslie Shimotakahara lectured on a variety of topics in English and American literature, as well as film. In her work as a Communications Expert at the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Leslie Shimotakahara found new applications for her research and writing skills. As the co-lead of a team of knowledge sharing facilitators, Leslie Shimotakahara authored a Knowledge Sharing Strategy, as well as drafting articles, presentations and case studies to profile the work of democratic governance experts around the world. In her current position as a Scope Writer at the Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation, Leslie Shimotakahara continues to make use of her talent for research, writing and communication, excelling under pressure. In addition to producing scopes of consistently high quality and accuracy, Leslie Shimotakahara designs and revises scope documents to meet the evolving needs of the Corporation and collaborates with multiple stakeholders and external consultants. From her undergraduate studies through each of her subsequent endeavors, Leslie Shimotakahara has shown her creative edge on an array of complex projects.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2009 - Present

Scope Writer

Toronto Waterfront Revitalization Corporation

As a scope writer, I use my exceptional writing and research skills to produce scopes of work for major design, construction and infrastructure projects, working within tight deadlines. Ability to analyze and assess project concepts; think strategically; communicate effectively under pressure; and work collaboratively with an array of stakeholders.