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Seeking a position in a company that will make great use of my multitude of production and post production skills.

If you have a production team where one person goes from inception of idea to shooting to editing, then this would be a good fit for both of us.  

broadcast news, production or post-production facility, or commercial production company are ideal matches for me


NAZ Today - Videographer / Technical Director

Flagstaff, AZ, United States

Aug 2009 - Jun 2010 All of the work at NAZ Today was done under the strict deadlines of a daily television news broadcast.  

Occasionally the production team had a couple days to work on a story (usually if it was a long package or ongoing story), but most stories had to be done in one day.


I would be sent out in the morning to cover a story, return a couple hours later with the footage, write up the story and lead in for the anchors, create any required voiceovers and cut it in Final Cut Pro.  Then I would participate in the live broadcast, usually as floor director or technical director.

Technical Director

  * Operated master control panel during live shows

  * Orchestrated pre-show audio/visual checks, green screen adjustments and prepped for special segmentsVideographer/Photographer

  * Shot interviews and B-Roll for daily news broadcast

  * Collaborated with producers and reporters on news stories

  * Conducted interviews

  * Provided still photography for news stories on websiteFloor Director

  * Prepped news floor for broadcast

  * Directed anchors and cameras during live show based on instructions from director (via headset)

  * Guided guests and interviewees before going on-air

  * Provided microphones for the anchors

  * Coordinated camera blocking on a daily basis

  * Taught new camera operators how to use the camerasGraphics/Editor

  *Created graphics for sports and lower third,

  * Imported graphics into Chiron

  * Edited news packages in Final Cut Pro

  * Conducted voiceover sessions for news packages

Travel Writer/Photographer/Videographer

United States Jul 2008 - Aug 2009 During this time I shared my travels with the world through photography, videography and article and blog writing.
  • Wrote articles about tourist attractions and "off-the-beaten-path" pieces for travel web magazines and review sites
  • Submitted travel photography and videography with my travel articles 
  • Wrote hotel, restaurant and bar reviews for a variety of review sites (with photos)
  • Maintained personal blog about my travels (this was more like Eat Love Pray rather than "5 Fun Things to do in Eureka, California" ), also with photos and video
  • Connected with other travel writers to exchange writing pieces and share photography
  • Wrote non-travel related articles for sites like




Work experience

Dec 2008Aug 2010

Head Cinematographer / Director / Editor

Vegas 1404

I became head videographer, director, editor and screenwriter for a sketch comedy group in Las Vegas called Sketchofrenics, and assisted with their startup phase while they were transitioning from a theater group to the video production company Vegas 1404.

  • Wrote, Directed and Edited the most popular of all of the Vegas 1404 videos "Hiring Pundits", which has a 96% rating of "Funny" on
  • Coached Vegas 1404 by providing instruction on how to produce video segments, including being part of the Official Selection of the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Festival (film called "Chasing Romance" which I directed but DID NOT get final cut because the producers wanted to feature all +30 extras that each had each been given one line in the script. This was a great detriment to the pacing of the final movie.)
  • Co-Shot and Edited improvised interactions of characters from Sketchofrenics shows with real-world people, including the characters "Tiffany and Brittany... The 80's Chicks" and "Mamma Leanne and Little Sami"
  • Started and taught successful Improvisation Class to help Vegas 1404 find new talent
  • Wrote the book Produce U: 10 Easy Steps to Your Short Film and used the techniques presented in the book to assist and instruct Sketchofrenics/Vegas 1404
  • Produced internationally broadcast, weekly radio show "Totally Tiffany's 80's Party" based on the characters "The 80's Chicks" for KJACK 1680am Flagstaff, AZ 
Jan 2001Sep 2008

Script Supervisor or Other

Freelance Film Crew

Eugene (Feature Film) 


The Commune (Feature Film) 


I Heart Vampires (Web Series)


Script Supervisor (The Commune, I Heart Vampires, Eugene)

  * Maintained Lined Script and Official Documentation for Production

  * Oversaw Quality Control in relation to continuity

  * Assisted Director with shots, including issues with avoiding crossing axis

  * Communicated to production office missing audio or shots

Production Assistant/Driver to Adrian Paul (Seance)

Personal Assistant to Chandra Wilson (Bob Patterson - ABC, Grey's Anatomy - ABC)

Sep 2005Jun 2008

Director / Producer

Firewalk Productions LLC


  * Created shot list with cinematographer

  * Planned shots for principal photography with shot map

  * Auditioned and cast actors for all roles

  * Coordinated different departments to fit with a cohesive vision

  * Rehearsed and directed actors during pre-production, principal photography and during post-production (ADR)

  * Collaborated with editor during post-production

  * Blocked actors and cameras on set


  * Scheduled Locations, Casting Sessions, Cast/Crew Meeting, etc

  * Created a budget for the production

  * Hired crew

  * Maintained official production paperwork

  * Motivated crew during long shooting days

  * Provided cast and crew with up-to-date production information, call sheets, maps to locations, etc

  * Rented or purchased necessary equipment and supplies