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Los Altos High School
  • District Scholar Award Recipient (4 years) - Achievement of a 3.8 GPA or above
  • National Honor Guard - One of the 25 Juniors selected to participate in the 2007 graduation ceremony
  • Member of Los Altos Entertainment Unit for 4 years (Played the Flute)
  • 2007-2008 President of the Los Altos Entertainment Unit
  •           -Held weekly meetings with the Council and band director

              -Spoke directly to the Entertainment Unit to keep them motivated and informed

              -Planned an entire 3-day leadership trip to Big Bear to bond the Council

              -Launched fundraising events, like selling Jamba Juice and burritos, to raise over $1000

  • 2006-2007 Vice President of the Los Altos Entertainment Unit
  •           -Worked directly with the President in planning meetings, organizing fundraisers and retreats

  • Member of the Winterguard for 2 years
  • Member of KIWIN'S for 4 years
  •           -Volunteered at "Rib Fest", car washes, selling food, and went to the annual KIWIN'S Convention

  • 2007-2008 Spirit Chair for KIWIN'S
  •           -Responsible for keeping the club pumped and full of energy

              -Maintained a fun environment for everyone while volunteering or at weekly meetings

    Work experience

    Nov 2008Mar 2009


    OceanView Terrace

    Prepared sandwiches, hamburgers, etc., in a presentable manner when ordered. Also washed dishes and maintained a clean work environment.

    Feb 2008Aug 2008


    Baskin Robbins

    Provided friendly service and worked under pressure during Dollar Scoop Tuesdays when customers would line all the way outside of the store. Also maintained a presentable environment and cleaned during closing hours.


    • Playing video games from Halo to Super Smash Bros.
    • Shopping
    • Making money
    • Fishing
    • Trying new foods


    Leslie Fong is an optimistic thinker who strives for perfection. She is experienced with organizing events and working with both large groups and as an individual under time constraint. Leslie Fong is eager to be challenged and successful with her new brothers and to be able to call Alpha Kappa Psi her family.

    Volunteer Work

    California Scholarship Federation One-on-One Tutoring for 4 years

          -Provided weekly academic assistance to students ranging from grades 9 to 12

    Counselor in Training at the YMCA for the summer of 2004

          -Assisted counselors with any help from cleaning to making/serving snacks

          -Watched over and played games with the children

          -Read stories to the children

    Counselor at the YMCA for the summer of 2008

          -Maintained a clean and safe environment for the children, including vaccuuming

          -Worked directly with counselors and assisted them with anything from preparing/handing out snacks

          -Watched over the children and ensured their safety during swimming time at the local pool


    Bilingual in Mandarin and English


    Jyotsna Maru