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Leslie Roberts RN

License #697106


Work History


Rheumatology Infusion Nurse

CHI St. Lukes Health

As a Rheumatology Infusion Nurse, I implement and perform a multitude of responsibilities.

Manage patients infusion schedules according to certain Biologic, patient diagnosis and insurance. 

Ability to work autonomously and manage patient load effectively with a focus on patient needs.

Provide education for appropriate specialized infusion therapies to patients and caregivers

Adhere to Quality assessment and Improvement guidelines

Proficient in IV insertion

Monitor patients to ensure high quality care by assessing patient lab results

Determine if patients are meeting established goals and are compliant with biologic pre-assessments for drug administration. For example, obtaining lab results such as  CBC, CMP, TB screening and recognizing infectious diseases prior to drug administration to patients with autoimmune disorders in order to prevent any adverse effects. 

Implement and manage safe handling of medication including mixing, diluting, calculating weight based dosages and administration of infusion therapies. Examples of Biological agents given are Remicade, Orencia, Cimzia, Simponi Aria, Rituxin, Benlysta, and Actemra. 

Proficient at managing and monitoring patients for potential side-effects specific to biological agents during infusions. 

Monitor and calculate drug and supply usage and maintain appropriate inventory. 

Obtain routine vital signs

Knowledge of NextGen software


Cardiac Cath Lab Circulator

Covenant Health System

I have an array of cardiac cath lab experience performing as a circulator. 

Performing nursing duties during Diagnostic and Interventional heart catherization.

Demonstrate pre assessments/ procedural duties such as ensuring current histories and physicals, normal kidney function, patient compliance with being NPO and knowledge of procedures by obtaining verbal and written consents specific to patient procedures and performing physicians.

Delivered high-quality nursing care during cath lab procedures such as valvularplasty, implantational devices such as permanent pacemakers, automatic internal cardiac defibrillators, coronary and peripheral stents, inferior venacava filters and intra-aortic balloon pump insertion.

Maintain patients hemodynamically by calculating, mixing, and administrating vasopressors and antiarrythmics such as Levophed, Dopamine, and Epinephrine, Amiodarone and Dobutamine.

Administered ACLS drugs and delivered high-quality CPR, defibrillation and assisted with insertion of temporary pacemaker, and determined need of of external pacemaker R2 pads. 

Performed rapidly and efficiently as team leader in OR setting to ensure patient safety. 

Administered conscious sedation and monitored patients accordingly. Performed promptly when adverse reactions to sedation occurred by maintaining airway and administering reversal agents.

Gain Proficiency in nursing care of the STEMI patient. 

Poses critical thinking and communication skills

Perform intra disciplinary duties such as monitor an X-ray tech

Circulated hybrid pediatric cardiac cath procedures including right heart cath with pulmonary artery angioplasty.

Mix and administer Interventional cardiac drugs such as Angiomax, Integrilin, and Heparin. 

Gained expert knowledge of heart rhythms

Working on call hours and responding within door-to-balloon protocol

Knowledge and troubleshooting of MacLab software and Philips equipment.  


Renal telemetry

Covenant Health System

Delivered floor nursing care to the dialysis patient in complete renal failure receiving hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

Performed dressing changes and maintained sterility to amputations, stage IV bed sores, diabetic sores, and post-op sites.

Obtained routine vital signs every 4 hours and maintained appropriate nursing documentation. 

Ability to identify and follow chain of command to report any adverse signs and symptoms. 

Check patient charts for physician orders and effectively and efficiently implemented orders. 

Administering blood and blood products. 

Efficient in performing insertion of NG tubes for patients during active GI bleeds or administration of drugs. 

Ensuring patient safety by adhering to the medication administration rights. 

Performed as relief charge nurse. 

Recorded cardiac rhythms according to telemetry protocol. 

Managed diabetic patient care. For example,  obtained blood sugars and administered insulin according to sliding scales. Promptly recognized hypoglycemic episodes and administered antidoctal agents.  

Assisted patients with activities of daily living, performed range of motion and bed baths to the bedridden/incontinent patient. 

Delivered maximum patient education. 

Performed 24-hour urine collection. 

Cared for the post renal transplant patients and donor patients. 

Administer drugs such as antihypertensives, vasopressors to renal patients. 

Prepare appropriate sites for surgery and  maintain patient safety and patient advocacy. 

Computer Skills

NextGen, MacLab, Philips


Covenant School Of Nursing