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I deliver quality work on time and on budget, ensuring that your project remains on schedule. Being that I am an independant consultant for a great jewelry company, I am a motivated self-starter that can set strict deadlines and deliver high quality work whether it's a one-time starter job, or, if you give me the pleasure of monitoring your accounts on a monthly basis, I can offer you a detailed calendar with a daily/weekly updated to-do list completed with progress of your rising social media standing!



Early Childhood Education Certificate

Red Rocks Community College

Working at a respite care facility for children with developmental disabilities allowed me to return to school to receive a director qualification for a small child care facility. The one class needed for this certification sparked me to receive my early childhood education certificate which allowed me to receive training in Medication administration(the ability to administer medication & feed through g-tubes for children) as well as a safety training in the event that restraint is needed in an emergency situation.

Aug 2009May 2014

Psychology/ Sociology Minor

University of Colorado- Boulder

Honors Residential Academic Program- A small residential academic program allowing for a residence hall of a like-minded student population that was offered smaller class sizes and in-house classes by professors in the top of their respective fields. Students were challenged to look at new ways to approach assignments using trending products and programs available online & on campus.

Work experience

Aug 2014Present

Independent Consultant

Paparazzi Jewelry & Accessories

Independent Consultants work their businesses however they want. I work my business primarily online posting in 30-50 online Facebook groups 2-3 times a day for advertising and product visibility purposes. We are given a replicated store website in order to allow for online store sales and so I have online profiles on all major social networking sites including Facebook, instagram, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn & Twitter. I use these and often link them to each other(often onto Facebook) or my Wordpress blog. I also host online parties on Facebook and my online store, as well as sending out physical inventory to local people/businesses I connect with on Facebook.

Jan 2015Sep 2015

Substitute director/ Child Care Specialist

Megan's Place LLC

During my time at Megan's  Place I worked to fundraise for our playground project by working on sites like Kickstarter, GoFundMe, and several T-shirt fundraiser websites. I linked them to our webpage & Facebook page in order to make donating money, time, and/or supplies hassle free & easy to anyone in our area. I also frequently posted our wishlist items in Facebook groups for our surrounding areas and monitored the posts for activity, fielded questions and comments on the posts about our establishment, and coordinated item pick-ups. When at work, I answered our work phone and spoke to all prospective parents discussing their child, but also our services, how to get in touch with social workers and schools, as well as setting up appointments to view our location. 

Aug 2011Sep 2012

Student Program Assistant

University of Colorado-Boulder

I worked in the office of a the Honors Residential Academic Program and fielded inquiry calls/emails about our Program as well as managed our Facebook page. I helped work the budget reports, take the campus mail to on-campus offices, and pick up deliveries as well as scheduled, planned, and executed parties, events, symposia, and group type activities for the student residents. I worked under the residence hall's wonderful Program assistant who was a wonderful teacher for Excel files, spreadsheets, campus policies and event scheduling, and a great friend!


Blog Creation/Upkeep

The key to getting people to follow your boards and save your is to save a variety of media that includes articles, images, gifs, links to your own pages, and including your own comments when you save the pin.

Facebook Accounts

I spend ALOT of time on Facebook promoting my own business as well as several Facebook groups that help to promote my business sales. Whether you need me to create an entirely new account or to update your account and boost your online presence and find relevant groups to promote your business to, I have experience in both.

Writing-Multiple Formats

I have excellent skills in writing. Whether you need a frequent tweets-you can pack alot into 140 words if you use the right call to action words!- or if you are looking for x number of blog posts per month-blogging is as much about the draw of a good picture as it is about the words- I can switch seamlessly back and forth into any medium. I write a mixture of Facebook group posts, blog posts, tweets, create ads, posts for my direct Facebook pages, and find relevant articles and images/gifs to post to my pinterest boards.