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Freelance Photographer- Digital
Extensive utilization with both Olympus 460D & Fuji J10 js digital cameras.  Dynamic, bold photographer - specializing with genres that include; but are not limited to: still, travel, fashion, landscape, sports, and more!   Expert level proficiency  using : Adobe PaintShop Corel Paint Pro XI Picasa MS Photo Gallery & Photo Manager  Capable of enhancing, cropping, and digitally editing images effectively; emphasis on setting up blog sites, book art, creative brochures, newsletters, and other graphic documents.   
Freelance Photographer - 35mm
Originally started with Minolta & Olympus 35mm camera;  self-taught and able to develop B&W prints.    

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  •         2009  Participant in Workshop - How to Market and Sell Your Passion/ CCSU

  • 2008 Sterne Scholarship  Award Winner Recipient

(Current CV available upon request)

:: Betcha Didn't Know ::

::  I'm a  Rattler graduate  from what BusinessWeek  list as one of the country’s “Most Innovative Colleges” in the U.S. & selected  by Time Magazine Princeton Review  as “College of the Year.”  Florida A&M University!

::  I'm just a little bit addicted to Dunkin Donuts Hazlenut Coffee, Publix Pecan Sticky Buns (I'm OD'ing on just the smell of it!- ;)

:: I can cook an AWESOME spanish omelet , filled with cheese, mushrooms, onions, g peppers, chicken, voila (I-Hop ain't got nothing on me!) on a relaxin' Sunday mornin' ::

::  I am a true jazz buff, a recent Slumdog Millionaire fanactic " Jain Ho", and a Lakers diehard fan! (I use to live on the West Coast - what can I say!)

::  I really love traveling, and if I  won the lottery tomorrow I would travel  to  Osaka, Dubai, Ocho RIos, and Waikaii immediately (I simply luv exotic places & things!) ::

::  I'm a stickler for time (and really believe that  time = money!)  ::

:: I hate people taking me for granted, who are not humble, show no gratitude & those  that are soooo $#@! arrogant that think the world revolves around them (stop the maddness!) ::

:: I truly like down-to-earth ppl, and those you have the gift for being FUNNY (watch out there now, laughter is the best medicine!) ::

::  I am eco-friendly person- with strong ties to recycling (Save the Earth ya'll!); love birds, puppies, and small children! ::

::  I am considered a right-brain thinker, and "thinks outside the box"  at every chance I get! ::

::  Last, but not least knows that.....The Power to Define, is the Power to Destroy!!! ::

:: Where to Catch Me ::


  Lesedi Studio

an uber digital photography studio, renowned for capturing unique images - anytime, anywhere!

(404) 408-0053

[email protected]

"It Is, What It Is!"

:: Freelance Gigs/Clients Include ::

  • Hammond House, Atlanta, GA - Art Volunteer/ Docent (1982)
  • Creative Writer/ Short-Story Writing Program , Atlanta, GA (1980-1982)
  • Piedmont Summer Photography Workshop, Grady High  School, Atlanta, GA(1982)
  • College campus newspaper photographer, Tallahassee, Florida (1983) – sports & cultural events events
  • Residence in Sacramento, CA (1987-1989) – freelance music (jazz/rap) photographer
  • :: Interests ::

    I classify myself as a " visionary photographer" for various reasons.   I'm a freelance photographer based in Atlanta; but will travel!

      Some cool, fast facts about me:: 

    :: My aim is to display a series of events in every photograph I take.Fascinating, realistic subjects that are

      bold, dynamic,  and uniqueare what inspires me the most. Through my photography I want the viewer to

      see a story within and make a connection with the subject, if only for a brief moment. 

    :: My focus in photography is to “allow yourmind, body & soul to imagine” the possiblities! 

    :: My aim is to capture photos that have "meaning." ...It Is, What It Is!

    :: My niche is still photography;  but my other fave genres include:  urban/street, landscape, travel, fine art,

      abstract, and more. 

    :: I  also specialize in location portraiture. While most of my work is done in the freelance industry, I'll shoot

      just about anything!

    :: I have a understanding of marketing, copyright, business law, contracts and finance; with a paralegal


    :: Also have an intermediate proficiency (budding advanced) level with McIntosh Apple Computers and digital


    :: Also enjoy providing graphic designs/ productions for company  needing: brochures, newsletters,

      pamphlets,  web/ networking blog sites,  and more.

    :: Resilience is my mantra.............I'll never give up; until I get the job done!