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Manager with a broad professional experience, interested in permanent and contract positions.I am familiar withcommercial and operational responsibility. Motivated by curiosity first, seeking the challenge of change within the bounderies of a vast experience in IT. Standardsoftware e.g. ERP packages such as SAP, Oracle, .

The job in which I will be successful, preferably appeals to 38 years IT experience and over 30 years of management experience. Having a direct link to the business is important for me, and being able to be part of a team is to highly motivating. Although loyalty is an important core value for me, which explains the limited number of employers, I had the chance to have many different roles, as a result of which I familiar with virtually all aspects of the IT. I have seen IT evolve from specialized High Tech tool to essential Business Tool. I came across all types of business, varying from trade and industry to telecommunication and from the financial sector to the public sector. Building bridges between business and IT has always been part of my job. Over 35 years ago I decided to start my study in administration, rather than to dive straight into the tech part. My experience can contribute to the success of numerous types of organizations, in many different roles.

Work experience

Mar 2007Present

Practice Director Oracle ERP Apps


Responsible for Delivery and Business Development for all services around the Oracle ERP application suites (EBS, PeopleSoft and Siebel) , firstly in a delivery manager role, role changed into practice director.In Logica NL the focus with regard to ERP historically has been strongly SAP minded. Services around Oracle application suites were centralized in a team, for which team I was asked to take charge for further business development. This included as well maintenance (with a dedicated support center) as T/M (time/material) based work in projects or in customer located maintenance teams. During this period:- The development of a specific application for the water market was won, the project has started. - Some PeopleSoft projects were won and delivered.- A new and highly experienced Siebel team was built, the first implementation bid has been won- The unit grew by approximately 25%. - The billability of the Oracle team has been higher than the billability in the SAP teams.

I am representing NL in the Oracle HGA (High Growth Area). The HGA's are the core of Logica's international Business development initiative. The Oracle HGA is taking care of the domains Apps, Development, SOA and BI in Oracle.

During approx. half a year, I took charge for delivery Microsoft ERP (Dynamics AX and CRM).

Sep 2006Feb 2007

Delivery Manager BPO (Interim)


LogicaCMG is delivering full BPO services in the BPO HR and Payroll area. This will often be full off-site support but in many cases also includes on site support. Delivery of these services was my responsibility.

Responsible for Delivery for all Payroll in SMEs(small & medium enterprises) and the setup of HR BPO services.The HRP organization was a horizontal organization where all Logica Payroll services were delivered and where the HR BPO services were starting. The delivery manager left the company, and given a major reorganization was in progress, appointing a permanent new manager was not a logical step. I took over business as usual, helped to shape the first HR BPO implementations with customers and helped to shape the new organization. As a consequence of the roll out of this organization, my role vanished and I left the unit.

Jan 2006Aug 2006

Director Line of Business ERP

LogicaCMG Global Service Delivery

Business responsible for Dutch support and development contracts in the ERP arena for delivery by LogicaCMG's Global Service Delivery organisation locally, nearshore and offshore. Mainly SAP based Application Management and Outsourcing oriented.

The GSD organization has been created via a merger of all similar support services in the ERP area which could benefit of a global approach. This included Application & Infrastructure Management, together with Project Sourcing Near & Offshore. My task was to embed the existing NL SAP Support Center (which I had built in NL) into this organization and realize the benefits of scale

Oct 1996Dec 2005

Associate Director

CMG, later LogicaCMG

I have been managing several teams, all of them in the area of SAP consultancy.

4/2003 - 12/2005 Manager SAP Support Centre (SSC)Commercial and operational responsibility for SAP maintenance and outsourcing customers (at that time about 50 SLA, 40 employees and direct sales to € 4.5 million).Primary task was to integrate three different support units with their own service models into one support unit with a consistent and reliable support process. From late 2004 on, the introduction of off-shore facilities was added to this task. From an organizational perspective, one of the main roles of the SSC was to foster a positive relationship (satisfaction> 7.5) with operational customers, safeguarding the business relation.11/2002 - 3/2003 Manager SAP Competence Centre CRMCommercial and operational responsibility for building a SAP CRM team inside the SAP Competence Centre.LogicaCMG until then had lack of coordination of activities in this area. I started connecting with the NL SAP CRM community and performed one of the major CRM implementations in the Netherlands. In addition to that, I managed a team of about 20 consultants in the area of SAP Finance and Logistics, mostly time/material based and active in the industrial and chemical market.1/2002 - 10/2002 Manager International SAP teamCommercial and operational responsibility for building a strong senior international team, to be in the forefront of international projects.The primary target was to recruit a flexible multinational team, and to create an international network. Recruiting was successful, but after the merger with Logica the team has been dissolved.10/1996 - 12-2001 Manager several SAP teamsCommercial and operational responsibility for various teams. In the CMG business model of autonomous operating cells, I started and expanded different disciplines, and I won and managed multiple accounts concerning SAP consultancy. Major new development in this period was the establishment of a technical team (new activity for LogicaCMG, now top player in this segment), and establishment of a maintenance approach, which has become the basis of the still existing SSC. Major projects and new customers were NedCar, Laurus, Rabobank and TNO. I expanded my experience into the HR area, as I managed an SAP HR team for two years.

Jan 1973Sep 1996


Nixdorf Computer, later Siemens Nixdorf

At Nixdorf Computer I started as a junior programmer, through many different functions in the end I became manager of the SAP Competence Center within Siemens Nixdorf.1/1993 - 9/1996 Manager SAP Competence CentreTechnically responsible for the establishment of the SAP Competence in the Netherlands and the implementation of the R / 3 LIVE approach of Siemens Nixdorf in NL.Being responsible for the consulting organization of Siemens Nixdorf I focused on building consultancy expertise around the new SAP product, taking initiatives to integrate these skills with the sales and marketing teams into one single business unit in the Netherlands. I took charge for the consulting team within that unit and successfully expanded it, winning and implementing SAP at several new customers.10/1991 - 12/1992 Manager professional services consultancyResponsible for the conversion of the existing sales support organization to a commercially viable professional services organization.Main issue was the integration between the predominantly billable ex-Nixdorf crew and the former Siemens employees, who spent more of their time at support instead of at billable jobs.3/1990 - 10/1991 Manager integration / Organization and Information systems managerManager of the merger of Siemens and Nixdorf concerning processes (excluding sales) and IT and completed this task being in an O & I management role. 1/1989- 3/1990 Software manager NLNL Manager of the implementation, support and development operation of Nixdorf Computer.1/1980 - 12/1988 Regional Software Manager Delft (Region West) and Zwolle (Region North/East)Manager of the implementation, support and development units of Nixdorf Computer y in Delft and Zwolle. 1/1973- 12/1979 IT professionalDeveloped from junior programmer to project manager.Activities both in developing and implementing custom software and in the use of standard software. This period has been interrupted by a year of alternative military service, I was appointed Information Analyst at the Ministry of Social Affairs.



Basic education:• MULO-B (High school, diploma)

Additional training:• Various courses in programming languages, analysis techniques and data communication• Various courses in the area of standard software (Comet, SAP, Oracle, Siebel)

• Various project management, general management,  communication and presentation trainings• Various sales and account management training• Some personal coaching courses

Additional assessments:• CMG Management Assessment PMTC (passed)• CMG Account Management Assessment (passed)

Trainer / facilitator for:• Recruitment for managers• Sales awareness consultants• BTC Reunion, evaluation and feed back workshop with employees, half a year after joining


Business administration and IT

IBO institute for Business Administration

SPD 1/2

Instituut Praehep SPD 1/2