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Work experience

May 2010Present


Aegon UK

RESPONSIBILITIES: Z/OS Senior Systems Programmer

The current contract required skills from more than one platform. There is a need for a Z-Series Senior Systems Programmer and also a File Transfer Protocol specialist running on a Windows 2003/2008 server base. I have background in both and hence did both the roles.


  • Installing all 3rd party products (i.e. non IBM products) and apply maintenance to these products.    These include CA, IBM and BMC products. This included an upgrade of the MQ-Series software 
  • Daily running of various software platforms. These include systems from Z/OS 1.09 to Zos 1.11. 
  • Change Management Environment. Schedule weekly changes and solve day to day problems.       (ManageNow, Remedy, Task Trackers, ACRE, CPMA and Maximo)
  • Hardware upgrades and installation of STP on a Z-series NTP server.
  • RACF and ACF2 security management.
  • Problem determination on various platforms as required by the client. These included MVS ,OS/390, Zos, Unix, Linux and all Windows Platforms.


  • Upgrade of the Windows file servers FTP software (Ipswitch Server Base). 
  • Upgrade of the current PGP encryption software.
  • Script writing to perform logon and file transfers. (MS-Dos and WS-FTP Scripting)
  • Updating C++ programs to be able to cope with more demanding scripting and current FTP server software. This software was very old and un supported. 
  • Upgrading of the FTP Client software.
  • Management of firewall rule additions.
  • Setup of connection and connection types. Ie: FTP, SFTP, SSL and FTPS
  • Generating SSL certificates for secure file transfers.
  • Generating encryption key rings and key pairs for external clients. 
  • Re-designing the current FTP/SFTP/SSL file server environment running on Windows 2003 Resilient Cluster pair servers. This is a complete overhaul of all the incoming and outgoing ftp services which include working with Network security, removing two old unsupported Windows 2000 servers and moving all workload to the existing newer production server. This project required me to manage all FTP connections to and from all clients internal and external. I had to re-write some of the C++ programs to cope with new advanced tools in the later versions of the FTP Server software. MS-Dos scripting was also required as some processing was needed before transferring some files.
  • Setting up a single FTP gateway for all transfers into and out of the building.
  • Full documentation of the system was produced.
  • This project was run by me and fully project managed with feedback on a weekly basis to top managers in Aegon.
  • Knowledge transfer to the Ops Support team was also required and as I have lecturer experienced this came natural.
Sep 2009May 2010

Computing Lecturer

Perth College

RESPONSIBILITIES: Computing Lecturer

  • Teach computing classes to all level of students including certificate to degree level students.
  • Managing teaching materials to comply with local authority rules. (SQA)
  • Running of daily lecturing classes in all areas of computing at various levels. 
  • Marking exam papers.
Mar 1998Sep 2009



RESPONSIBILITIES: Z/OS Senior Systems Programmer

  • Schedule projects.
  • All hardware configuration responsibilities (HCD) (Various models).
  • Responsible for out-sourced clients with strict contract restriction and penalty clauses.  
  • Installing all 3rd party products (i.e. non IBM products) and apply maintenance to these products. These include CA, Interlink and Omegamon products. 
  • Daily running of various software platforms. These include systems from OS390   v2.10 – Z/OS 1.10. 
  • Change Management Environment. Schedule weekly changes and solve day to day problems. (ManageNow, Remedy, CPMA and Maximo)
  • Providing Software Solutions for out-sourced clients.    
  • Desktop programming (Lotus Notes, Smart Suite and all versions of Windows).
  • Standby and call outs
  • Supporting around 150+ Lpar’s in a team of 10 systems programmers over various hardware configurations.
  • Setting-up of mainframe IP printing over a remote network. 
  • Responsible for TCP/IP and all router problems. Customer network over Cisco routers and including OSA configuration. 
  • Upgrading operating systems.
  • Current projects – Upgrade Z/OS 1.4 to Z/OS 1.7 to Z/OS 1.10.
  • Software migration from mainframe to mainframe. This includes moving and installing software packages on multiple systems. This is done via a process called equalization between system volumes. This is done on a monthly basis and a roll out process is followed to minimise any potential risk to the current production service. Some of these packages are UNIX packages which run under the Z/os operating environment as IBM host its own version of the UNIX operating system. Maintaining software versions on multiple platforms for external clients bound by contract and software currency controls.  
  • Problem determination on various platforms as required by the client. These included MVS ,OS/390, Zos, Unix, Linux and all Windows Platforms.

Hardware Architecture: IBM 9672(various models), IBM Z-series(various models)

Commercial Clients: AC Neilson, Equifax, Scottish Power, Fidelity, Bradford & Bingley, Norwich Union, Boots, IBM Internal Accounts and Thomson Holidays (Tui)  


  • This role requires me to be in full control of all software upgrades on one of the main IBM outsourced accounts. 
  • I am the main point of contact for all technical groups to arrange software upgrades.
  • Liaising directly with the Account Manager and Project Executive to plan critical upgrades before presenting it to the client.
  • Always keep the client up to date with new technology and software releases. 
  • Project managed all software upgrades including DBA’s and Cics programmers. 
  • Resource Management on project work. 

RESPONSIBILITIES: RACF Security Administrator

  • This role requires me to be in full control of all RACF issues raised by our clients. This includes management of RACF rules Resource classes and the role of producing evidence in an audit situation. 
  • Day to day administration of all RACF problems and new access requests.
  • Using Change Management tools such as Maximo, Remedy, CPMA and Manage- Now
  • I have maximum security clearance to enable me to administer customers RACF environments across multiple accounts.
Mar 1997Sep 1998


BMW South Africa

RESPONSIBILITIES: OS/390 Senior Systems Programmer.

  • Schedule projects.
  • Cutting down on batch run.
  • Cutting down the production batch time from 11 hours to less that 6 hours due to the production plant time constraints by using a product called CONTROL-M.
  • Installing all the normal 3rd party products and apply maintenance to these products.
  • Replace EPIC which is a very old product with CONTROL-T.
  • Converting whole tape pool to run on the new system.
  • Daily running of the MVS/ESA 5.2.2 and MVS-OS/390.
  • Desktop programming.
  • Standby and call outs. 
  • Intranet Web page development with dynamic access to Microsoft Access databases.

Hardware Architecture: IBM 9672(various models) 

Commercial Clients: BMW South Africa & BMW Germany

Jan 1989Sep 1998



RESPONSIBILITIES: OS/390 Senior Systems Programmer.

  • Install OS/390 Rel 3 on the software LPAR.
  • Desktop programming.
  • Daily running of the MVS/ESA 5.2.2 and MVS-OS/390.
  • Install all the 3rd Party Products and apply maintenance to these products.
  • Third line support.

Hardware Architecture: Amdahl Processors, Persetel Systems, Cyber 865, Vax/Cad Systems 

Commercial Clients: Escom (South Afica)


Windows Server Engineer
Skills Used   Software Upgrades Install of patches Disk partitioning  Operating system Installs General day to day administration  
Computing Lecturer
Teach computing classes to all level of students including certificate to degree level students.
Various Programming Languages
I have done some work in the following programming languages.    Delphi(Pascal) Visual Basic PHP Linux/Unix Scripting (BASH) DOS scripting REXX Clist COBOL IBM Assembler Roscoe (RPF) MYSQL and MS Access.   I’ve also done webpage development with dynamic interfaces and database access. 
Mainframe Security Specialist(RACF & ACF2)
Windows FTP engineer
Z/os Senior Systems Programmer



I am a Senior Z/OS Systems Programmer with more than 20 years Information Technology experience. I have extensive and diverse experience in implementing and maintaining software packages on the Z/OS, OS/390, Windows and MVS platform. In addition to these expertise my ability to work independently or in a group makes me a worthwhile asset to any company.

Latest Project Completed


A wide variety of different roles from Z/os systems programming to Windows 2003 FTP Server installations. Installing and configuring software on all platforms.


This is a contract position which involves a wide variety of different roles. The first was a project to move ACF2 user id groups to a more suited environment to ensure that the company stay within the data protection laws.

The next activity included the upgrade of MQ to version 7. This was the Z/os agents that needed upgrading but required close cooperation with the MQ Server team on other platforms.

The following project was to setup an ADDM (Discovery Agents Software) agents on the Z/os Lpars. This included the setup of the server software on a Windows 2003 Server, the configuration of the firewall additions and the configuration of the ADDM Java Client software. This software is used to monitor all version of software installed on most platforms.    

The next project was to convert the complete FTP servers to the latest software and to remove old Windows 2000 servers used as encryption server. This was replaced with a more up to date server running a resilient cluster. This includes all incoming and outgoing ftp’s from current Aegon site. This is a rather large project and a lots of processes depend on the successful completion of this project. The FTP servers has now been running for a few months with very little problems. The management overhead of this service has been reduced to 0.1 of a head since I upgraded and enhanced the ftp processes and rewrote some of the scripts.  


Z/os Systems Programmer

Windows FTP engineer

Mainframe Security Specialist

Previous Project Completed


Move customer account mainframe services from physical location Perth to Portsmouth. (Transition move)


  • Move the physical processor and all hardware associated with the service to Portsmouth. (500 Miles away) 
  • Re-Generate all hardware to operate on the new processor. (IOCDS and IOCP work) 
  • Install new network connections. (Cisco and OSA)
  • Restore all software and amend parameters to function in a dual service.
  • Re-work the Disaster Recovery plan to function with the new layout.
  • Enable remote Operations support. 
  • Document all changes and write new procedures. 


I was the technical S.P.O.C for this project. (Single Point of Contact)

Due to an extreme shortage of qualified staff and short time scales the following responsibilities had to be taken up by me.

Technical Software Installation (Full responsibility)

  • Install/Configure all MVS and 3rd Party software. 
  • Configure software to run in a dual situation until the live cut-over occurs.
  • IPL of all LPAR’s on the Transition site. (offsite)
  • 24/7 standby for transition site and every 3 weeks for the live systems.

Technical Network Installation (Full responsibility)

  • IP networks over Cisco Routers with TCPAccess (TCPIP) (Customers network interface)
  • SNA configurations for IBM staff. Access to the customers systems for software support reasons.
  • Remote Operations access to consoles. (Product used : Procops/Netview) 
  • Technical Staff access to consoles via NT4 server - Product called Metaframe. 
  • Install DECNET (Network Protocol) hardware and software. Client requirement.

Technical Hardware Installation. (Full responsibility)

My involvement in this area was to configure all hardware HCD configurations including configuring 4 Escon directors with Dynamic configurations. Load balancing and maximum availability on all hardware had to be kept in mind at all times in case of a hardware failure. 

Technical Storage Management Installation (Advisory role)

My involvement in this area was to advise our storage team of possible solutions in moving 2  DASD boxes filled with customer data onto the new client site.

Merging 2 x 3590 Magstar libraries with VTS drives into 1 x 3590 Magstar Library.

Updating RMM, Library manager and SMS routines to accept just the 1 x Tape Library.  

Project Results.

Overall the project was seen to be a huge success and has been earmarked as one of the best service moves.

Personal Project Feedback.

“I have been working closely with Leon over the last quarter  on a very complex and time-constrained Scottish Power Service Move. Leon was the most key technician on the project and without Leon, the project would not have gone as smoothly as it did. 

Leon's strengths are his undoubted superb technical skills as an Zos systems programmer. His knowledge of the systems that he supports and of the software products is amongst some of the best I have ever seen in IBM (I am an ex Zos systems programmer and team leader myself). Leon could easily be a technical lead in IBM within the Zos community.

Leon also has superb skills in networks which have also helped enormously in the Service Move project.

Leon’s commitment to the project was also second to none. His sacrifice of personal time and weekends and his willingness to do whatever it took to deliver was evident throughout the project - I could always depend on Leon to work as hard as he possibly could to make sure that he delivered. I have rarely seen such consistent and dependable commitment from a technician.”

Paul Jennison - Transition Project Manager (IBM)

Additional Experience

Programming languages.

I think it’s important to mention this experience as the mainframe area these days covers a wide area of technologies. 

I have done some work in the following programming languages. 

Delphi(Pascal), Visual Basic, PHP, Linux/Unix Scripting (BASH), DOS scripting, REXX, Clist, COBOL, IBM Assembler and database tools such as MYSQL and MS Access. I’ve also done webpage development with dynamic interfaces and database access. 

Additional Tasks

In addition to this I also run a Computer Repair Service and have done so as a part time activity for the past 10 years. The company supports more than one commercial customer in all aspects of their IT needs including networks, server installations (Unix/Linux) and full desktop support. I also design websites and dynamic websites including PHP and MySQL interface web pages for some of these companies. I also developed a software package for a visually disabled client to support her video store. This was written in Visual Basic. The software functionality includes the full management of her store by means of speech.

Operating systems supported: Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2000/2003/2007 Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7