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My objective of doing this Virtual CV resume is to open doors to not only better myself but to better my future. I like the job that I currently have but it's gotten to the point to where I don't get paid enough to really support myself. I want to have a job that will help support me and the goals and dreams that I have for myself become reality.


I have many interests but most of the time, as long as it can keep me occupied, then I'm sure that I will enjoy it. I like to play games on the XBox and Playstation 3 and Wii and I like to play sports in order to keep myself active. I like to take pictures and dance. I like to read books and go to the movies or out to eat. I shop and try to always manage my money while doing it. But to be honest, I like to do a little bit of everything.


Hello, my name is Leon Brown IV. I was born and raised in a small town called Plaquemine, Louisiana. I went to college in northern Lousiana and then decided to start things new in Texas. Currently, I live in Euless, TX and  I am really enjoying everything that Texas has been offering me so far but the main reason why I am here is because this is the land of opportunities. I have a very optimistic attitude and I always get along with people. I'm a very hard worker, on and off the clock. I am also a very honest and good person. I am looking for job opportunites that can provide me with the tools to live the life that i want to become accustomed to. I have big dreams and very big goals and a determination and drive that definitely makes me worth a second look and a callback. I always give it my all and I won't and don't stop until the job is done!

Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Aquatics Lifeguard

Great Wolf Lodge
Apr 2009Jul 2010


Taco Bell at the DFW Airport
Feb 2010Jul 2010




Aug 2009May 2010


Tarrant County College

After leaving ULM for a semester and fixing all of my family problems, I then decided to make a fresh start in a new place full of new opportunities and a great atmosphere. I am currently attending TCC as a freshman and finishing up my basic core curriculum and once I'm done, I plan to attend the University of Texas at Arlington under the major Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science. The reason why I attend TCC instead of UTA right now is because attending TCC to finish my basic core curriculum is more cost effective than going to UTA when i would be learning the same thing.

Aug 2008Dec 2008


University of Louisiana at Monroe

While attending ULM, it was my first year as an incoming freshman. I went under the field Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science because it's something that i've always and still want to do. I had to leave at the end of the semester to go back to Baton Rouge, LA because of family problems. I completed the semester with a high GPA and with memories and lessons learned that will last a lifetime.


I want to say that I have a way with people. As a cashier, one of my important duties is to handle customers. I always greet the cutomer in a friendly and proper way. I am a very clear speaker and I always am able to get my point across. I speak in a very calm and collected and soft manner so that the customer can feel at ease. I believe that skill to be very important.
Money Management
Because of the fact that I work as a cashier, I work with money every single day I work. I took financial math in high school and because of it, my confidence level with working with money is very high. I am rarely short or over on money and my money management outside of work is superb if i do say so myself.
Computer Proficiency
I honestly believe myself to be completely awesome at anything that involves computers. I do almost everything from modifiying the way they look to doing reports and pictures and the list goes on and on.


Michelle Pania

Brittany Ray

Heaven Boudreaux

Steve Newheart

Previous manager at Taco Bell.

Cecilia Martinez

Previous shift leader at Taco Bell.

Ashley Hardman

Previous Taco Bell coworker.

Sharon Brown