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On a Cancer Research Breakthrough, by Leonard Vincent Lombardo

On a Cancer Research Breakthrough, by Leonard Vincent LombardoLeonard Vincent Lombardo is the founder and manager of the Leonard Vincent Lombardo Leukemia Foundation, an organization that raises funds for bone marrow transplant patients. Here, he describes a breakthrough in the study of chronic lymphocytic leukemia, or CLL.CLL affects the lymphoid white blood cells in a patient's system. It typically grows slowly and can exist in the blood for years before it reaches a level that requires treatment. However, in some patients, the cancer cells multiply quickly and must be addressed immediately. The two types are typically considered by scientists to be quite different.However, scientists have recently found that the cells in both types of CLL exhibit the same behavior and use the same genes at the time when the disease becomes active. These scientists have now identified a subnetwork of genetic material that, when examined, serve as a guide to the probable progression of the disease. This discovery is expected to have a significant impact on the monitoring and treatment of CLL patients.


Leonard Vincent Lombardo has achieved success in a number of career fields. From 2002 until 2005, he served as a Partner at Ganguly Software Systems in Edison, New Jersey. Mr. Lombardo brought his interest in creative design to the company, which developed Internet-based solutions to contact and document management, tasking, and reporting for the financial industry.More recently, he founded the Clearette Cigarette Company. Clearette markets electronic cigarettes designed to help people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, Leonard Vincent Lombardo used electronic cigarettes to stop smoking, after other treatment methods had failed. Today, he serves as Chief Executive Officer of the company, which has not only helped increase awareness of the hazards of smoking but also provided smokers with a proven and efficient means of quitting.In conjunction with his work at Clearette, he has launched the Leonard V. Lombardo Stop Smoking Support Group. An informational and proactive network, this support group offers in-depth research into many different aspects of tobacco addiction and its risks. To find out more, visit the Support Group's website at The Stop Smoking Support Group works with a sister organization, the LeonardVincentLombardo Leukemia Foundation. The Foundation exists to raise funds and awareness for bone marrow transplants. The Foundation also assists in community events, such as toy drives, that bring hope to families and individuals affected by this disease. As a part of his involvement with the Foundation, Leonard Vincent Lombardo organized several charity events to benefit children with leukemia and the Hope for Julianna Fund, named for Julianna Buttner.

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Clearette Cigarette Company, Cigarette Manufacturer
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