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Leonard Ochart is a human resources manager with more than 16 years of experience. Educated at California State University in Hayward, California, Ochart received an MBA in human resources and supply chain management with a GPA of 3.6. He also has a certificate as a Senior Professional in Human Resources and is a member of the Society for Human Resources Management.Before beginning his career in human resources, Leonard Ochart spent several years serving in the US Navy, where he received a number of medals for various missions he was assigned. Outside his military experience, he retains a taste for physical and mental challenges. He holds a diving certificate and has taken up skydiving and self-defense, and he is also working to earn a private pilot's license.After his time in the Navy, Leonard Ochart went on to follow a career in human resources. At present, he is the Vice President of Human Resources at West Hill Hospital, California, where he is a key part of the management team and oversees employment, orientation, and training for employees, as well as managing benefits and compensation for staff. Since beginning this role in 2007, Ochart has launched a new communications program, which resulted in the hospital scoring the highest in employee engagement in the Far West Division in the Hospital Corporation of America's 2009 survey. His management also reduced grievances by over 75 percent in a two-year span and brought about a 25 percent decrease in legal fees. By holding a health, wellness, and safety initiative in 2008, he managed to reduce the cost of health insurance claims by $1 million.Previous to his current role, Leonard Ochart served as Human Resources Manager to over 600 employees in a $100 million unit of Comcast Corporation, the largest cable operator in the United States. He increased the performance and profitability of the unit by 25 percent with a performance-based compensation program. The unit was rated as the best place to work for two consecutive years due to his program designed to improve communication and morale among employees. Ochart's talent at implementing strategic programs and skilfully managing grievances and complaints has benefited companies ranging from start-ups to multimillion-dollar businesses.

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California State University, Hayward