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I graduated with bachelor degree in Information Systems and I've been working in technology field for 4 years. I have experience in software development and agile methodologies such as developing web applications and being a Scrum Master.  As technology is my passion, I am always seeking to improve my skills and to gain knowledge and experience in software development, project management and agile methodologies.

Work History

Mar 2016Present

Full Stack Java Web Developer

Working as a Full-stack Java web developer for, a system that provides information on all Irish and UK Companies I am responsible for the architecture, documentation, development and maintenance of new and existing features in the system. In the time I worked for I have gained knowledge in tools such as AWS EC2, S3, Machine Learning, Route 53, Elastic Load Balancing and Shell scripting. I was able to help the development team on moving to Agile, to build a test suite that covers integration, unit and acceptance tests and implement a solid continuous integration build. I also had the opportunity to develop vision-net's RESTful API for international company reports.

Apr 2014Dec 2015

Magento e-commerce Developer


During the time I worked with Lealmente, I developed and customized e-commerce stores using Magento platform. I was responsible for the servers configuration and maintenance.

Dec 2012Apr 2014

Web Developer

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

Working as a developer for,  Caelum's IT courses online platform I was able to get a wide expertise in different languages and tools for web development.

I was part of a scrum team where I could learn the theory and practice of the agile methodologies,  frameworks and principles. My team had a Kanban whiteboard to organize all the sprint workflow and I was responsible for documenting, testing and developing new features. I also had the opportunity to learn and practice TDD principles which was the methodology  chosen by my team to develop.

During the time I worked at Caelum I learned and used the following tools:

Programming Languages:  Java, Python
MVC Frameworks:  Spring, VRaptor
Databases: MySQL, HSQLDB,H2, MongoDB, Oracle 11g

Testing Frameworks: JUnit, Mockito, Selenium

ORM Frameworks: JPA, Hibernate
Web Containers and Application Servers: Tomcat, Glassfish, Jetty, JBoss AS
Build Tools: Maven, Ant, Ivy

Frontend: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript,  jQuery

Version Control: GIT, SVN

Education & Training    

Feb 2017Feb 2017

Scrum Master - Scrum Alliance

Jul 2011Jul 2015

Bachelor Degree in Information Technology

Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie
Aug 2013Aug 2013

Web Development with HTML, CSS and Java Script

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

32 hours

Apr 2012Apr 2012

Spring Framework

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

20 hours

Jan 2012Jan 2012

Database Persistence with JPA and Hibernate

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

30 hours

Jan 2012Jan 2012

Web Development with JSF and CDI

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

40 hours

Jan 2012Jan 2012

Java EE with Web Services

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

40 hours

Jul 2011Jul 2011

Java Web Development

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

40 hours

Jul 2011Jul 2011

Java laboratory with JSF, tests and Design Patterns

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

20 hours

Jun 2011Jun 2011

 Java and Object Oriented Programming    

Caelum Ensino e Inovação

40 hours


Language/Skill Level
Portuguese Fluent
English - Speaking Advanced
English - Writing


English - Listening Advanced
English - Reading


Technical English




J2SE (6,7,8) J2EE (6,7)


Tomcat, Glassfish, JBoss AS, Apache, nginx


MySQL, Oracle 11g, H2, HSQLDB, MongoDB

Agile Methodologies and Frameworks

Scrum and Kanban.

Version Control 

GIT + Github and SVN

Software Testing

JUnit, Selenium, Mockito, JMeter. Knowledge on both TDD and BDD methodologies.


HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, JQuery.

MVC Framework MVC/ORM Framework

JPA and Hibernate, VRaptor MVC Framework, Spring 3,  JSF , Struts I and Struts II.

Operating Systems

 Windows, Linux and Macintosh.