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I've been in the industry for the past 7 years working two different companies at my first 2 years and then decided to do home based.

I'm an expert in creating Front-end Webpages with jQuery, Angular 1 and ReactJS with a workflow using Grunt, Gulp or Webpack. I also work on the backend side using NodeJS, Redis, Mongodb or MySQL.

Most of my work with companies are for local or internal clients creating systems or modules for businesses. When I started on home based jobs, I usually do Wordpress plugins/theme and Front-end Development.

Work experience


Part-time Full Stack Developer

Beautitag Limited

* Creating RESTful APIs using Koa Framework, Redis and MongoDB

* Integrating the said APIs with the Frontend using ReactJS and Redux


Frontend Developer


* Frontend work using AngularJS for ASP websites
* Integrating APIs to frontend


Freelance Web Developer


* Wordress Developer mainly modifying/creating themes and plugins
* Custom site developer mainly in PHP as backend and AngularJS for the frontend


Senior Frontend Developer


* Converted PSD to HTML for websites.
* Reworked a Poker Game using ImpactJS at first and then converted it into Phaser for better animations while integrating it to a series of NodeJS API and sockets.
* Constantly using Git and other tools for integration for faster development.


Solutions Team Programmer

People Index

* Creating Web Appplications solutions using PHP CodeIgniter Framework and Bootstrap with jQuery for the front-end framework with MySQL Database.
* Creating custom Desktop Applications using C# and MSSQL Server for the Database.
* Creating Logos using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop


Junior Programmer


* Creating Web Applications solutions to existing system using PHP Symfony Framework and ExtJS Framework for design and functionality in the front-end with PostreSQL Database.
* Data gathering as per requested by client and co-workers in a PostgreSQL Database.
* Supports clients and co-workers in their concerns and problems of Web Application Solutions to existing system.



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

Mindanao University of Science and Technology - Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City

* Learned Programming Languages - PHP, VB6, Visual FoxPro, C and C++

* Learned Relational Databases - MySQL, PostgreSQL

* CCNA courses

* Computer Interfacing 



I only used Wordpress, creating plugins and custom themes. But tried Joomla before for a different project.


I mainly use Git for versioning and also uses SVN for other projects.


Mostly using MySQL lately but also used PostgreSQL in my first job. Fetching data to generate reports and optimizing SQL queries to further enhance performance and result.


Have a wide experience in terms of both Front-end and Back-end. Used jQuery, Angular and ReactJS for the frontend and ExpressJS and KoaJS for the backend that is based on NodeJS.


First Web Based programming language I learned and it's very useful in most of jobs. I've been using mostly CodeIgniter lately but I've also used Symfony and Laravel in previous jobs.