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10 Years professional experience in the film industry. Credited as Sound Editor, Production Mixer and Designer on a range of multimedia projects. Awarded ASSG for Post Production Work. Passionate story focused sound designer. Routinely operate audio equipment for location and studio recording. Experienced project manager, coordinate with producers and clients from pre-production to distribution. Commitment to high levels of service and dedicated to meeting deadlines.

Film Industry History


Creative Director (Audio)


In-house audio director for Post-Production and Recording


Audio Freelancer

Noisepig Productions

Post-Production and Recording for Film and TV

Technical Experience

Languages: HTML, C++, C, PHP, CSS, SQL.
General: MS Publisher, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook
Audio: Nuendo, Protools, Ableton, Cubase, MaxMSP, Reason, Soundforge, FMOD, Studio Console, Sound Devices, Fostex, Wendt, Lectrosonics, Sennheiser.
Video: Avid, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Aftereffects.
Systems: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/WIN7, Microsoft Windows Server 2000+, Macintosh OS 9+, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), UNIX (Solaris).

Post Production Credits (Design, Editing, Mixing)

BirdsEye, Commercial, 2016, Prod: Buchanan Group.
Commercial, 2016, Prod: Buchanan Group.
Aunty Donna 1999,
Youtube Series,  2016 Prod: Aunty Donna
Melbourne Down Under,
Documentary, 2016, Prod: Streamline Media
Wizards of Aus,
Series, 2016, Prod: Latenight.
Commercial, 2016, Prod: GENCGROUP.
, TV Feature, 2016, Dir: Stuart Willis, Prod: Midnight Snack Productions.
Stop Options Exit, Independent Feature, 2014, Dir: Chris Mitchell, Prod: Floating World Pictures.
Unrequited, Feature, 2014, Dir: Chris Mitchell, Prod: Floating World Pictures.
Sinkhole, Short, 2014, Dir: Samantha Dinning, Prod: Hunt and Gather Media.
Victorian Dept. of Primary Industry (Duck Hunting), Documentary, 2014, Dir: Simon Mustoe, Prod: Wildiaries.
Roy and Betsy, Short, 2014, Dir: Stuart Willis, Prod: Stuart Willis.
Can You See Them?, Short, 2014, Dir: Mike Staniford, Polly Staniford.
Our Little Secret, ABC Open Documentary, 2013, Dir: Monique Schafter, Prod: Lee Matthews.
Off Course, Short, 2013, Dir: Leo Baker, Prod: Leo Baker.
Wakey Wakey, Independent Feature, 2012, Dir: Adrian Goodman, Prod: Niki Johnston.
What Remains, Short, 2012, Dir: Will Storr, Prod: Fran Wang-Ward.
Hungry Man, Short, 2012, Dir: Jordan Prosser, Prod: Steven McKinnon.
Bodysurfer, Short, 2012, Dir: Kathryn Goldie, Prod: Kathryn Goldie.
Grandpa, Short, 2012, Dir: Leslie Simpson, Prod: Tim Slawik.
Little Ripper, Documentary Feature, 2011, Dir: Craig Boord, Prod: Streamline Media.
The Last Waltz, Short, 2011, Dir: Nickolas David Lea Bird, Prod: Eleanor Sharpe.
Meth for Madness, Short, 2011, Dir: Chris Mitchell, Prod: Lee Matthews.
Payload, Short, 2010, Dir: Stuart Willis, Prod: Tom Bicknell.

Production Sound Mixer

Ezy Airer, Commercial, 2015, Prod: Sceneon
Takeda ECCO
, New Media, 2015, Dir: Chris Mitskinis, Prod: Ceon Media
 TV Feature, 2015, Dir: Stuart Willis, Prod: Midnight Snack Productions.
Homebodies, Short, 2014, Dir: Yianni Warnock, Prod: Charles Williams.
Play It Safe, Independent Feature, 2014, Dir: Chris Pahlow, Prod: Chris Pahlow.
, Commercial, 2014, Dir: Will Storr, Prod: Fran Wang-Ward.
Beyond Blue, Commercial, 2014, Dir: Kevin Lim, Prod: Edge Media.
Snickers, Commercial, 2014, Prod: The Sweet Shop.
Stop Options Exit, Independent Feature, 2014, Dir: Chris Mitchell, Prod: Floating World Picture
Melbourne Council - Move Mindfully, Commercial, 2013, Prod: Auspicious Arts.
Monster Pies, Independent Feature, 2013, Dir: Lee Galea, Prod: Lee Galea.
Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary, Commerical, 2013, Dir: Dan Sharp, Prod: Dan Sharp.
Our Little Secret, ABC Open Documentary, 2013, Dir: Monique Schafter, Prod: Lee Matthews.
Crime and Punishment, Independent Feature, 2013, Dir: Andrew O'Keefe, Prod: Steve Jablonski.
Good Chef Bad Chef, Channel 10 Series, 2012, Series, Prod: Hsquared.
Melbourne Rehabilitation Hospital, New Media, 2012, Prod: Shannon Morris Photographer.
Troll Bridge, Short, 2012, Dir: Daniel Knight, Prod: Ahren Morris.
Vice - Schweppes 2012 In Cocktails, 2012, New Media, Prod: Vice Australia.
Grandpa, Short, 2012, Dir: Leslie Simpson, Prod: Tim Slawik.
Green Eyed, Short, 2012, Dir: Nathaniel Lindsay, Prod: Anna Kojevnikov.
Wakey Wakey, Independent Feature, 2012, Dir: Adrian Goodman, Prod: Niki Johnston.
The Bazura Project, ABC Series, 2011, Prod: Yaman Films.



RMIT Music Industry Bachelor/ Fine Arts: Sound

RMIT Melbourne

Sculpture, Sound and Spatial Practice


Diploma of Audio Engineering

SAE Melbourne

The course is designed to provide you with the essential skills and knowledge in studio production 


Diploma of Multimedia Entertainment

Qantm College Brisbane

Skills and knowledge in level design, social and mobile game development, game engine programming, gameplay programming, game design, project management.

Awards & Honors

ASSG Award - Best Achievement in Sound in a Short Film. 'Can You See Them?' (2014).
Sound Attachment under Dane Cody - (2012-2015).
Melbourne Underground Film Festival - Best Film. 'Start Options Exit' (2014).
Official Selection Palm Springs - International Shortfest. 'Payload' (2011).

Other Accreditation

Draft-0, Editor and Producer, Podcast, 2014-2016
Fleshwound, Sound Design, Theater, 2014, Dir: Nicholas Pollock. 
Big Alice, Director, New Media, 2012, Dir: Leon East, Prod: Elsje Jordan
Sarah Taylors VCA Dance Final. Director, Dance Performance, 2010, Dir: Leon East.
Checklist, Sound Design, Theater,  Dir: Nathan Peter Laurence Gilkes.
SKA Nation 2010, Director, New Media 2010, Dir: Leon East, Prod: Noisepig Productions
Technology and Music Piracy, Director, Documentary Short, 2010, Dir: Leon East
A Moment in Chaos, Producer, Short, 2009, Dir: Brendan Krotz, Prod: Leon East