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Senior Executive with extensive experience focused on business development, executive client engagement, and product management for communication products. Energetic, results-driven person with a reputation for achieving results by utilizing creativity, planning, working with ideas, managing group consensus, and making timely but informed decisions with a focus on bringing products to market. Able to blend both proven techniques and innovative ideas to solve problems and integrate multifunction concepts into solution.Demonstrated skills:

·Organizational and leadership skills

·Wireline Voice over IP (VoIP)


·IP Protocols

·People Management

·Network services

·Market Analysis

·Strategic Planning

·Business Development

·Wireless ( GSM, CDMA, and UMTS)

·Planning & Budgeting


·Multi-Media Applications

·P & L management


·Software Management

·Cross-functional management

·Analytical problem solving

Work experience


NORTEL NETWORKS, Richardson, Texas

Director, Product Line Management (2004-2007)Led a team of 31 PLM Directors, senior managers and Line managers to define & deliver VoIP, Multi-Media Server, and IMS portfolios. Defined strategy, architecture, and platforms for IMS products and managed budget and P&L for portfolio.

·In the span of 9 months successfully implemented and trialed Interactive Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) solution with several lead operators in Europe and Middle East, Asia (EMEA).

·Defined the architecture for the evolution of the VoIP portfolio to IMS.

·Generated$10M in sales opportunity with EMEA operators; transformed the Multi-media Server into an IMS Application Server.

·Collaborated with Sales and architects to create an IMS configuration for Comcast, the first ever Nortel trial with Comcast (displacing Cisco as the lead vendor).

·Created a single wireline and wireless Fixed Mobile Convergence portfolio that positioned the solution to lead with opportunities of$120M+ in revenues.

·Forged strategic partnerships with industry leading vendors to complete IMS and Multimedia portfolio. This resulted in a great improvement in time to market (TTM ) while saving millions in potential R&D costs.

·Defined 3-year roadmap that drove process improvement for external communication of features for IMS, VoIP and Multi-media portfolio migration to IMS.

Director, Product Line Management, Softswitch (2003-2004)Managed team of 23 Product Line managers, responsible for all aspects of Product Life Cycle. Responsible for providing direction and market strategy for Nortel's Softswitch portfolio.

·Improved product predictability, costs, and time to market by re-vamping requirements gathering process and creating architecture team to review and plan new feature delivery.

Director and Architect, CDMA Packet Voice (2001-2003)Developed a strategy for the evolution of CDMA to packet voice. Worked closely with sales teams and lead customers looking for opportunities for near term solutions that have immediate value to customers.

·$6M in annual sales by creating small niche area for Packet Gateway switching functionality in Verizon Wireless (VzW). Developed Product to meet VzW and Sprint Tandem overlay requirements resulting in the first ever VoIP switch sale to VzW.

Director, CDMA, GMS, UMTS Packet Core, PLM(1999-2001)Led a team of 19 Product Line Managers to define and implement PDSN, Serving GPRS Support Node, Gateway GPRS Support Node products for the CDMA and UMTS markets

·Created go to market strategy for CDMA Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) resulting in sole supplier in PDSN to VzW.

·Gained 14% market share in Packet Core General Packet Radio services (GPRS), an increase of 5% points through new platform that delivered increased capacity and functionality at lower cost than previous.

Senior Manager, Product Line Manager (1996-1999)Led CDMA Operations Administration & Management (OAM) team. Development and introduced a cheaper and more effective OAM platform for CDMA.

·Created $40M in revenue by developing and designing solution to provide Fixed Mobile Convergence using CDMA access service to Telstra’s Mobile and Fixed line business.

·Reduced over 40% of customer issues by introducing a new platform for OAM.

BELL NORTHERN RESEARCH / Nortel, Richardson, Texas

Manager, Sprint Custom design Led a 10-member team of software designers to implement customer requested enhancements to Nortel's long distance switches (Class 4).

·Designed and implemented Sprint’s Long Distance requirements thru Programmable switching Architecture that allowed Sprint to differentiate itself in the competitive long distance market.

BELL NORTHERN RESEARCH/Nortel, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Manager, Advanced Technologies / Software DesignerLed a team of 32 designers to implement new features on Nortel's voice switches. Developed and implemented methods for improving designer efficiency. Implement s/w features.

Designed and implemented ISDN tools that increased productivity and reduced system problem reports by 36%. Managed and supported a WAN environment to support workstation connectivity to centralize labs on a global basis.Implemented a tool that produced a savings 30% of the design phase of s/w development. Designed and implemented ISDN BRI and X.25 layer 2&3 protocols. Designed and implemented DMS Call Control features

Client Executive

Client Executive Sales, Communication Industry (2007-present)Led the development of IBM technologies for application into Network Equipment Providers (NEPs). This role focused on leveraging IBM capabilities to increase IBM presence and revenues with NEPs.The goal was to increase annual revenue from $75million to $250 million over 3 years.I successfully supported two major opportunities with total contract value of$765 million over 5 years with an annual revenue stream of $228 million after one year.

·Identify technologies and products for NEP

·Identify newproduct opportunities

·Develop business case for new opportunities

·Develop mapping of client needs/requirements into value added IBM technologies to meet client needs.