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For more than two decades, Lenox Hill Radiology has provided superior service to patients in the New York Metropolitan area. Lenox Hill Radiology is capable of supplying patients with a number of digital imaging procedures, including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computerized tomography (CT) scans, coronary computerized tomography angiograms (CTAs), digital x-ray, biopsies, and digital mammography. The center also offers a variety of other tests and services. 

Since its inception, Lenox Hill Radiology has focused on being at the forefront of innovation. Lenox Hill Radiology was Manhattan’s first digital imaging center to install both a direct digital x-ray and a Siemens multi-detector CT scanner. It was the first digital imaging center in the city to be positron emission tomography (PET) accredited by the American College of Radiology, as well as being one of Manhattan’s first facilities to achieve the American College of Radiology’s MRI accreditation. When sharing patient information through the Internet was still in its early stages, Lenox Hill Radiology was providing doctors with access to reports and images online.Operating out of 5 locations throughout New York City, Lenox Hill Radiology employs the expertise of 20 physicians who possess a variety of specialties, ensuring that patients have access to the in-depth knowledge required for their individual situations. Lenox Hill Radiology has built a highly trained staff, and the center requires that all of its technologists who have an area of specialization attain the pertinent advanced registration. This is not required by the health departments of New York City or New York State, but is part of Lenox Hill Radiology’s client-centered hiring practices. Non-English speaking patients of Lenox Hill Radiology can use its interpretive services. Translators skilled in over 100 languages are provided to patients at no cost. Lenox Hill Radiology accepts a long list of insurance carriers. Patients are encouraged to view this information, and use such services as online billing, on Lenox Hill Radiology’s website,