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Film/Tv experience

Business Woman              The Love punch                Joel Hopkins

Maria              Dominc: Light of the church          Marcelino Sari

Lucie                            As the Bell rings                  Disney Channel



London School of Dramatic Art

Advanced Diploma in Acting

Cours Florent European acting school

BA acting french/english

Professional Theatre

Elizabeth the First                                      Elizabeth the Golden Age                        Isabelle Duperray

Theatre Whilst at The London School of Dramatic ARt

Anna                                                             Closer                                                               Samantha Robinson

Paulina                                                        The Winter's Tale                                          Charlotte Conquest

Nora                                                             The Doll's House                                           Samantha Robinson

Maudie                                                        Two                                                                    Jason Lawson

Harriet                                                         Colder Than Here                                         Jason Lawson