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Work experience

May 2010Present


Buffalo Wild WIngs

At Buffalo Wild Wings I am a server and with this job I have many duties involving around keeping the guests happy.

  • Greeting guests
  • Getting drinks
  • Taking food and drink orders
  • Checking the guests are satisfied
  • Establishing a payment


Customer Service
I have used customer service through out my whole working career. It has been a big part of all my jobs growing up and currently.   Greeting quests Taking orders Phone orders Delivering service
I have been using Microsoft programs my whole life and am very confident in my skills   Excel PowerPoint Publisher Word
I am just starting to learn this program to make my own personal website   Linking Adding photos and documents Formatting Coding Paragraphing  
I am in a beginners InDesign class and learning a lot about the program.   Business package Menu layout Feature story Magazine cover Posters Tickets


Aug 2008Present

Mass Communications

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Class Assignments



I consider myself to be a well rounded person, which means that my interests are all over the place.As a child I was always enjoyed reading this has now involved into my passion for writing. I have never minded doing class assignments when it involved writing because it is something that I feel that I do well and take pride in doing. Art has also been an interest of mine since childhood, especially because I grew up next to an artist and spent much of my time with her. I keep myself involved in art by doing simple crafts like jewelry and drawing. Since coming to college I have found myself become more active and taking pleasure in exercise.With warm weather I enjoy going out for a nice walk or run to for the fun of it or to relieve stress. I like being outside doing warm weather as much as possible, which is why summer and fall are my favorite seasons.


References are avaliable if requested.


I am searching for an internship in public relations.