Curriculum Vitae          for Lars Elbaek

Curriculum Vitae for Lars Elbaek

Regional Sales Manager

  • Copenhagen DK

  • Proven and demonstrable track record of 15 years+ of selling solutions, consultancy and services through and to IT vendors in the EMEA region.
  • New business hunting and direct enterprise sales. Biggest deal €k900.
  • Senior channel management experience. Channel establishment. Channel restructure.
  • A proven ability to plan, develop, and execute sales strategies.
  • Highly motivated self-starter and able to work well independently.
  • A credible influencer, able to engage and inspire confidence at all levels.

  • Virtualization, Cloud, SaaS, Antivirus, firewalls, IPS, IDS, Big Data, MDM, UTM, SIEM, BYOD, CCTV, Wi-Fi, Presence Analytics, Retail Analytics, Socail WiFi

Work History
Work History
2014 - 2014
Regional Sales Manager Denmark, Norway and Iceland - WiFi technology and platforms. Presence Analytics
AeroHive Networks

Regional Sales Manager, AeroHive Cloud enabled mobile networking platform supporting the best of wifi technologies and“ The Internet of things”. First local person for Denmark and Norway.

Targets and achievements to rescent to list. Ask.

Jan 2012 - Jan 2013
Regional Sales Manager Nordics - Big Data

Regional Sales Manager Big-Data analytics. Splunk makes data accessible, understandable and valuable to everyone. A game changer in IT. Breaks silos and gives new meaningful life to data and empowers devices. First in field and registered the company with the Danish authorities.

Targets and achievements to resent to list. Ask.

2010 - 2012
Regional Channel Manager Nordics and Benelux - Network Security, Application Development, SIEM
HP Enterprise Security

Regional Channel Manager Establishment of new security channel HP. Executive sales and internal sales support. First year target was only for TippingPoint and achieved at€ x million. Second year was for TippingPoint, ArcSight and Fortify at€ xx million-year not closed.

Target 2011 € 4 million. Achieved € 4,3 million. Target 2012 € 12 million. I left before year end but on target.

2008 - 2010
Managing Director
Kaspersky Labs - Data Security

Managing Director Nordics, Kaspersky Lab and strategy. Full P&L. 8 direct reports. Employment of staff. Setup of new office. Executive Enterprise sales and some partner involvement. 40% growth in corporate space and +150% in retail and online.

Target € 7 million. Achieved € 8 million including OEM. Pipeline growth 200% in 6 months. From unknown to preferred brand. 30 positive articles in first 3 months in biggest magazines and newspapers.

2005 - 2008
Regional Manager Nordics

Channel, online and direct sales to SMB and Enterprise customers. First in field. Full office setup and P&L. Localization of software in 5 languages.

Target € 170.000.  Achieved € 200.000. Growth 70-80% YOY. Not a very high figure, but I was 1 man doing all.

2000 - 2004
Channel Account Manager - Enterprise Security
McAfee Security

Channel Account Manager, Channel with direct sales touch.. Up to CxO level.  Country target was never missed.

Target € 4,3 million. Achieved € 4,5 million. 20-30% growth yoy-actual add-on to performance in prior role at Landis.

1997 - 2000
Product Manager/Sales Specialist
Landis ICT Group A/S

Product Manager/Sales specialist of McAfee, PGP, Sniffer, APC. Reseller recruitment and executive sales. Channel with direct sales touch. SMB to Enterprise. Up to CxO level.

From € 0 to € 4 million NET annual..Over 100% growth yoy for 3 consecutive years.

Landis went out of business and I was hired by Network Associates (McAfee/Intel) the day after.

2014 - 2015
Neuroscience and applied Neuromarketing
Copenhagen University

Understanding of brain functions and tools used for measuring and tracking emotions, responses, eye movement etc.
This rather new field of studies applies to much further than shelf-space and can be used to make highly predictable social response to commercials etc.

1986 - 1989
Business administration and Economics
Lyngby Business School

Advanced economics, business administration, marketing and politics.

Enterprise Solution Sales
Mostly software solutions but also some appliance solutions. Sales orders from Eur0 50k to 900k.
door opener

I WILL get to my target accounts using any route suitable. Direct, via partners, network and social media. 

Channel and Partner management
Establishment of channel, restructure, partner management and vendor management. Impressive network.
Data Security

Knowledge about network and end-point security; includes most software, hardware and hybrid solutions.

Executive Management
Have build and led teams up to 8 people. Full P&L for Euro 10 million. Office establishment, recruiting and daily management.

I am good at navigating in different cultures and languages. I can dissect large amounts of complex information and present it more digestible and towards targeted audiences. 

Public relations
I have had great success working with local PR bureaus resulting in rapid growth, market awareness and shelf space!

I am a passionate visionary whit a holistic emphatic approach, great writing and presentation skills. I have entertained audiences up to 500 people, but mostly smaller focus groups, local hero´s and CXO´s.