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Work experience

Sep 2014Aug 2015

Digital Marketing Manager

Global Wide Media

Hired to bring on-line NeverBlue's newest platform, a CPM/CPC AdZerve. Everything from writing brand website content, marketing strategies, internal training presentations to on-boarding publishers and advertisers and all the processes in the middle.

·Planning, buying & execution, reporting & optimization, and administration & billing.

·Daily monitoring  and managing multiple campaigns performance in alignment with designated ROI goals.

·Develop and present daily or weekly reporting; highlighting the relevant data insights for future buying and campaigns.

·Direct reporting to the Network Director.

· Represented AdZerve - ASW- Los Vegas- Jan 2015

· LAUNCH Festival 2015- SF- March 2015

Mar 2012Mar 2014

Digital Media Manager & Interim Director of On-line Sales (1 yr- maternity leave)

Bravenet Media

Conceptualize, launch, and manage display/ email campaigns, managing budgets of $50k -100k monthly.  Work primarily in open bidding marketplaces requiring the ability to present, sell, and provide top-notch campaign services. Orchestrate all aspect of display campaigns - ability to work with ad exchanges, ad networks and ad servers, from initial sales presentation of services and deliverable's to implementing through our in house ad server, daily optimization and analytics. Establish and manage project milestones with adherence to strict deadlines.

·Analyzed market data to advise the most cost effective program to meet the client’s budget, creating positive ROI.

·Create and present innovative media plans that included recommendations on targeting, geography, scheduling, and budget.

·Create sales, marketing, and advertising strategies to maintain name recognition and credibility within the display ad industry; continue to generate substantial new business from referrals alone. 

·Managing online ad buy budgets of $50k to 100k monthly.

Mar 2010Mar 2011

Retail "A" Store Manager

TELUS - Tom Harris Dealership

Responsible for driving revenue growth for local, full-service retail locations. - specialized in providing client facing digital/cellular support services. Daily managed, mentored retail sales teams of 5-7. Analyzed sales data comparatively to goals, and initiated marketing activity and strategies in alignment with desired results. Located and recruited talent and coordinated all aspects associated with assignment/placement of team. Daily team mentoring and coaching, monthly reviews, creating sales programs and incentives to drive sales leader boards and increase ARPU while decreasing churn.

  • Manager for monthly sales targets for retail averaging $150k monthly, $1million plus in annual sales.
  • Team Management - Responsible for hiring and inspiring.
  • Reporting directly to Regional Manager.
Mar 2011Mar 2012

Senior B2B Account Manager

TELUS - Tom Harris Dealership

Established a strong presence within a competitive market. Pro-actively cultivating and maintaining relationships within the territory. Performed daily cold calling, conducted in-person visits, B2B training, and attended business functions. Designing and implementing wireless business solution for small to medium businesses including installing software, syncing data, adding appropriate business applications. Sales cycle - approximately 6-8 weeks.

  • Responsible for creating and driving successful revenue growth through wireless business solutions.
  • Highly comfortable with cold calling, creating new leads, while overseeing day to day clients needs.
Aug 2007Dec 2009

Owner- Operator

Kiki’s Organic Spice & Tea Company

Designed and implemented wholesale and retail products within a retail setting. Imported all teas and spices as my own import broker. Designed all product packaging and created brand named "Tea and Spice Blends. Private Labelled Tea Blends for Events and Companies. Ran full retail location. Sold proprietary Tea Blends in 2010 and closed retail location.

  • Canadian Import/Export knowledge.
Feb 2001Jun 2007

Director of Sales and Marketing

TELUS - PTV Wireless

Managed and oversaw complete daily operations of a full dealership. All initiatives from strategic planning to ROI reports, ensuring adherence to organizational identity, brand, as well as operational cost sufficiency. Lead sales teams, maintaining superior-quality sales activity implementation, together with continuous high performance of individual team members. Fulfill budgeting and financial management responsibilities. Representing dealership as assistant Dealer Principle. Upon retirement of Bob Fisher- Dealer Principle, Tom Harris bought dealership.

  • Re-branded dealership, PTV Wireless to align with TELUS growth plan. 2005.
  • Attending all TELUS training, conferences.
  • Set-up first WIFI spot in Parkville, BC- 2006.
  • Represented all local business development- Chamber of Commence, BNI chapter.


Google DFP Sales Management Fundementals

DFP- Publishers platform. Designed and implemented Sales Channel

Google Adwords Advanced Search Certified

March 2016

Growth Hacking- CRO and Lead Generation
Growth hacking (noun) - one who’s passion and focus is pushing a metric through use of a testable and scalable methodology. Aaron Ginn
Sales Management and Team Training
I am a cooperative leader by nature. I am inspired and inspire others through supporting curiosity and investigative problem solving.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Integration, Paid and Organic Advertising. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram,
Email Marketing
Drip & Auto Email, A/B Subject line testing, A/B Creative testing, Newsletter design. MailChimp
Display Media Buying
CPM, CPC, CPL, CPA, CPE, RTB Platforms, DSP's, Right Media, Appnexus Google- ADX, Adwords, Analytics, SEM, PPC, Lead Generation


Professional Business Development

TELUS - Business Excellence Program 2011, Learning Specialist Training, 2010. Extensive Ongoing Training, MIKE Network, Data Products, Core Sales Skills 1 & 2, Prospect Management, Building a Solid Client Base. 

Community Futures Self Employment Program -  Successful Completion to become-Small Business Owner - B2B Wholesale Fine Teas & Spice Blends. 

Landmark Education – Communications Program

Food Safe 1, Serving It Right-Management, WHMIS


Sheryl Thompson

Bravenet Media- CFO- 250.954.3203

Bob Fisher

PTV Wireless- CEO-250.594.3089

Kory Nuttall

TELUS- Store Manager- 250.668.2739

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign

Reference Letters

Social Presence


As a skilled business person with an outstanding background in many client facing verticals, I am seeking to align myself with an innovative, growing company, where my skills can assist the enterprise to flourish.

At this point in my career, I am looking to unravel the challenges of a new millennium with out of the box thinking and client-centric methodologies that shape the industries we are leading.

With extensive business development experience, working with talented teams with objectives of meeting assertive revenue targets by delivering first-class solutions, I am confident that I can help your company grow.

Digital Skills

•Display Media Buying



  • SEO, CRO


  • ADX, Analytics, Adwords

•Social Media Integration, Paid Advertising.

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn

•Deep familiarity with real-time bidding (RTB), Demand side platforms (DSP). Right Media, Appnexus •Email Campaigns

  • Drip & Auto Email
  • A/B Subject line testing
  • A/B Creative testing
  • Banner Ad Design

    Technical Skills

    • CRM:
    • RQ4 system, POS systems, Sales Force and funnels.

    • Quantcast

    • Programs:
    • Gimp, Photoshop, Wordpress, Linux Mint, Adobe Creative Cloud, Office Suite Application Dropbox.

    •  Develop complex Excel spreadsheets for financial and inventory tracking analysis, campaign. •  Multi-platform application software installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting.
    • Mobile app business integration.