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Highly organized Mechanic and Tester with experience in determining causes of mechanical and electrical operating errors and performing troubleshooting activities. Exceptional ability to determine tools and equipment needed for repair and maintenance along with great capability of conducting tests and inspections on a varied range of systems.

Work experience


Self Employed Mechanic/Auto Trader and Mobile Welder

Smitten Tuning

After gaining my previous experience, and completing studies in Accounting and Business Studies I decided to start my own small business attracting an reasonably sized and reliable customer base, building and selling modified cars, mobile vehicle repair, welding and salvage/logistics, whist training in Computer Science at Portsmouth University and developing skills in the Hardware and Information Technology Field recently completing Microsoft Expert awards and C.I.S.C.O systems accreditations to name a few.


Assembly/Elecrtical tester/S.M.T

Ratheon Marine

I worked for a short time at Raytheon Marine, however in my time I quickly progressed from an assembler working on a line to completing S.M.T. training and the testing diagnosis of electrical faults on marine radar applications which suited my interests.


Semi Skilled Mechanical Technician

Meridian Trust Orginisation

Working in a voluntary position whilst furthering my experience and education. Training in Marine Maintenance, fault diagnosis and repair to Diesel Turbo Engine systems and electrical mechanical Injection systems, spray applications, Composites and Welding..


Trainee Mechanic

Meridian Trust Orginisation

Undertaking studies (nvq) in motor vehicle repair, whilst gaining knowledge through experience in all aspects of motor vehicle systems whilst in my position at the Meridian Trust



G.C.S.E's and Further Education

Warblington Secondary

I left Warblington school at 15yrs old without taking any G.C.S.E's. Through The local authority and education services i joined the  Meridian Trust Project. Through this opportunity i achieved B.T.E.C diplomas, Work experience related training and N.C.F.E recognised mathematics and English language qualifications to a high acheivement grade whilst attending college and using internet based learning tools references, courses specific to my knowledge, skills and interests since.

Personal Information

I am a highly analytical thinker, able to quickly identify, scrutinise, improve, and streamline complex working processes, with the ability and capacity to learn new tasks and problem solve constantlly and reliably, whilst living a comfortable domestic life and maintaining  family commitments, social commitments and relationships, leaving time for rest and leisure activities including Digital music production and Professional Mountian biking.