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Work experience


Freelance Director Of Photography

As a cinematographer, I inspire to capture the highest quality images possible. My goal; to tell each story with the utmost respect and to allow the story to flourish visually. Making sure each frame is composed, to share information, lit to allow satisfactory and dynamic tonality and movement to shape or change perspectives.



First Assistant Camera (Focus Puller)

I have been in the role of camera assistant on short films, music videos and feature films providing the Director of Photography with a high-level, energetic, professional camera assisting. Taking charge of delicate, expensive film equipment while keeping footage in focus. 

Tokaroa Cinemas


Project Manager

Key Responsibilities: With the change from analogue film to digital projection moving so fast many businesses find the change to digital distribution a difficult technical task to understand and implement. Having spent my career in the digital acquisition of movie making I have lent my technical skills to the change over of the Tokaro cinemas. As project manager I oversaw the removal of the old 35mm projection systems and installation of NEC NC900 and NEC 2000C digital projection systems. This included the integration of a server system. The cinema now capable of 2k and 3D projection can enjoy the benefits of the latest in what technologies can offer.

A collection of work demonstrating a high level of technical expertise. This work was shot on RED DRAGON, ARRI ALEXA, BLACK MAGIC, ARRI ULTRA PRIMES, ANGENIEUX ZOOMs, COOKE S4s, SUPER SPEEDS, STANDARD PRIMES. Special thanks to Grant Mckinnon at Volcano Lighting for providing Gaffing equipment to many of these shoots. Also Joe Lawry for providing SteadiCam.      

This showreel showcases a strong amount of car rigs demonstrating a high degree of Gripping Practicality. This show Reel was shot on RED EPIC, CANON C300, ARRI AMERIA. Much of the Lighting comes from Kevin Riely's company CineStuff. While the Gripping equipment was provided by Harry Harrison.  

High Degree of lighting was implemented during this showreel. Shot on RED EPIC, SONY F3, CANON 5D, ARRI ULTRA PRIMES, ANGENIEUX ZOOM. 


Unitec Institute of Technologies


BACHELORS DEGREE: Screen Arts (majoring in cinematography)

American Cinematographers Society


Master Class

A week long course in Los Angeles where the worlds top cinematographers go through Master Techniques which elevate your skill set. Once I was accepted into the course the New Zealand Film Commission payed the course fees. 

The class also focused heavily on the implementation of HDR acquisitions and distributions. This gives us the ability as cinematographers to future proof any production that may want HDR distribution. It also gives us the ability to converse with Producers and Prost Production on how to best proceed on a HDR production.