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Leib Tropper


As a founding member of the Jewish outreach program, Horizons, Director Rabbi Leib Tropper affected the lives of many Jews who desire to embrace a more Orthodox belief and lifestyle. As Director for Horizons, Rabbi Leib Tropper traveled around the globe, from Paris to remote towns in the United States. During his travels, he brought a message of respect for halachic traditions, prompting many to study the Torah with more dedication. The program focused on bringing the Torah closer to the religiously unaffiliated. It resulted from his nearly two decades of educational and religious teaching work in the U.S. and Israel. 

At various points in his career, Rabbi Leib Tropper taught baalei teshuva and was the head of a learning institution. An accomplished lecturer, he addressed classrooms at Oxford and Cambridge in England. Additionally, he lectured at Yale, Stanford, and other higher education institutions in the U.S. A native New Yorker, Rabbi Tropper taught Jewish law and Jewish philosophy pro bono at campuses in Brooklyn and Manhattan, and he maintains membership in a local philosophical society.

From a young age, Rabbi Leib Tropper, found a deep interest in Halachic traditions and published multiple volumes on the subject, the first volume at the age of 21. More recently, he published two books in the past two years on the Jewish Responsa, which refers to the body of published decisions and rulings given by religious leaders on practical, everyday questions. An example of this is his current research measuring halachic traditions in relation to organ transplants.

Rabbi Leib Tropper received educational and spiritual guidance under the tutelage of  Harav Tuvia Goldstein, and Harav Chaim Pinchus Scheinberg. A contemporary, Harav Henkin, zt’l particularly influenced Rabbi Tropper during his days as a young man.