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Aug 2006May 2008

MBA (Masters of Business Administration)

Work experience

Feb 2009Jun 2009


St. Andrews Presbyterian College

I edited the Guidebook written during my undergraduate teaching practicum (see below for more details.)  In order to achieve this, I worked with the course instructor to define areas for improvement. Once these were defined, I made appropriate changes to all sections of the book.   My adjustments focused on improving the overall usability of the document.  Also, I made several content updates that reflect changes in the course curriculum that occurred since the original writing.  

I have included an excerpt from this book in the portfolio section of this CV for anyone who is interested in learning more.

Jan 2006May 2006

Teaching Practicum

St. Andrews Presbyterian College

I was hand picked by the professor of St. Andrews Presbyterian College's Business Strategy and Policy course to develop a textbook on writing case analyses.  The aim of this book was to find a user friendly, easy to follow way to present topics that students commonly struggle with during this course.  Though I worked under direction of thecourse instructor I was given a great deal of freedom in determining what topics would be included and how they would be approached in the book. The final product is currently being used in the course for which I developed it. Upon completion of the rough draft I conducted a focus group with five peers to gain feedback for revisions which were included in the final version.  Along with writing this text I provided feedback to students on case analysis assignments.

Aug 2004May 2006


Private Employer

I managed up to 6 employees at a time. My responsibilities included advertising the position, interviewing prospective employees, making hiring decisions, facilitating proper training, scheduling and compensating employees.  Effective communication and interpersonal skills were very important in this role since, at times, it was necessary to mitigate conflicts between myself and the employees in a manner that preserved mutual respect in a working relationship.


Interviewing techniques
Conducting internet research
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Powerpoint
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Effectively communicate with diverse groups
Able to effectively contribute to a team
I pride myself on my ability to understand the strengths and weaknesses of every member of my team and to utilize that information to help the group be as productive and harmonious as possible. I believe to be a good leader it is critical to know when to lead and when to step back and allow others to fill that role.
Analyze information to make reccomendations

Portfolio/ Writing Samples

Related Project Experience

As a part of my graduate studies I was involved in two consulting projects where I, along with a group of my peers worked with client companies to help them overcome strategic challenges. 1. January-May 2008: I worked with a team of peers as consultants to help the Center for Creative Leadership assess the current state of its BCP.  In order to achieve this the team carried out a great deal of research and worked collaboratively with a small team of the Center's executives to further its understanding of the company and what risks it should be mindful of.  Based on our findings the team was charged with making recommendations to upper management as to how the firm's BCP initiatives should be strengthened. 2. October-December 2007: I led a group of four peers in developing a strategic web based marketing plan for a new product Hospice and Palliative Care of Greensboro had recently introduced into the marketplace.

The main focus of this project was to help the client understand the product's target market and to develop a marketing campaign that would help the company raise awareness among potential customers of the new offering.  The product we were charged with marketing is known as TLC in the Workplace® .  It is a training program meant to help managers, particularly those working in Human Resources, better understand how to support employees who are working caregivers, grieving a personal loss, or are suffering the effects of a critical incident in the workplace.

In order to gain a full appreciation of this product needed to complete our marketing plan, the team participated in several areas of the training.  Thus, I gained an understanding of these critical issues facing HR managers and how they should be dealt with in order to maintain employees' trust and respect. Success in these projects was measured by my ability to effectively contribute to a team, work with individuals throughout all levels of an organization in a manner that inspired the client's trust, and to analyze the information given to me to provide the client with practical new solutions.  Also of great importance, was the effectiveness of the written deliverable provided to the client explaining the team's findings.

Honors and Awards

1.  Bryan School of Business and Economics Outstanding Graduate Student Award (Spring 2008)

2. Department of Business and Economics Award for Excellence in Strategic Management (Spring 2006)3. Member, Sigma Beta Delta - National Business Honor Society (2005-2006)4. Member, Pi Gamma Mu - National Social Sciences Honor Society (2005-2006)5. St. Andrews Presbyterian College Dean's List (7 semesters)


Names and contact information available upon request.

Selected Coursework

Strategic Marketing Management, Advanced Business Statistics, Management Science, Direct Marketing,  Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management, Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantage, Leadership Empowerment and Coaching, Training and Development, Human Resource Strategy, Organizational Behavior, Training and Development, Organizational Change Management

Summary Of Qualifications

MBA graduate seeking entry level professional position in Human Resources, Marketing or Business Analytics.  Key strengths include:

  • Ability to maintain organization when working on multiple projects to ensure that deadlines are met
  • Strong interpersonal skills needed to work with individuals throughout all levels of the organization
  • Clearly conveying ideas in written and verbal communication

Relevant Knowledge & Skills: Team player, statistical analysis, strategic thinking, verbal & written communication, research