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Headquartered in Pasadena, California, Legal Authority has been helping law students and attorneys find jobs since 2000. Legal Authority uses its extensive database of hiring contacts to create targeted mailings on behalf of its clients. Representing both recent law school graduates and experienced legal professionals, Legal Authority helps its clients find employment at law firms, government organizations, political groups, and non-profit organizations. Legal search firms typically work with less than five percent of available employers, simply because they charge fees that are cost-prohibitive for the majority of organizations. Websites with job openings for attorneys often attract thousands of people to apply for each available position. Indeed, it is estimated that 85 percent of job opportunities in the legal field are never even advertised. The Legal Authority database of over 750,000 potential employers allows job seekers to create a mailing that is targeted to reach hiring managers at organizations chosen by the job seeker. Legal Authority employs experienced consultants to help its clients prepare a resume and cover letter which best reflects the client's qualifications. Even those who have tried other methods with no success find that the Legal Authority approach is very effective. Obviously, no two people will have the exact same job search experience. However, Legal Authority is confident that its process produces results. Clients who do not get at least two interviews within 90 days of using the service can request $1,000 in additional services free of charge. Many Legal Authority clients find themselves with 10 or more job offers after using the targeted mailing approach. Clients have been able to land job opportunities with salaries ranging from $50,000 to $1 million per year.