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Work experience


Project worker


This role was exciting and provided me with great experiences that have stayed with me.   I would teach life skills classes on money management, healthy eating, understanding a new environment, being safe.

I would also support mostly young asylum seekers in attending school & college.

I would have to complete written review documents for all young people on their progress whilst being supported by Asphaleia.

I was also responsible for storing personal information about young people on the database.

It was a very satisfying experience to see  young people develop and find happiness in a new environment.



FSE Community Group

The FSE group constituted in 2013 is essentially set up to help people from socially deprived backgrounds; this includes all people, from the elderly, to disabled and young people. 
I work closely with other individuals and groups in communities to ensure our core work is being created to have a positive and lasting effect on people who need it.
We aim for all our work to be socially inclusive

Our current projects include The Young Persons cooking competition. This has been going for two years. Through this project young people will gain essential cooking skills. We also connect with people in communities using inclusive strategies to engage elderly, homeless and disabled people using food.

As chair I am responsible for all our members, I am also responsible for project management and implementation and bid writing and tendering duties. This role has also Skilled me in Nonprofit Organization's, Business Planning, Analytical research and project management.



Business and Law

University of Bedfordshire

Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Business Planning, Analytical Skills,Coaching, research understanding of case, statute and rule of law.Event Management. Strong consulting professional with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) focused in Business and Law from Bedfordshire university.


Public Speaking

In the role of business and event planning I am required to deliver presentations and speak to people on a regular basis.

This is something I am comfortable doing and enjoy learning through communication.


Writing, interpersonal, analytical, speaking, research, problem solving, strong work ethic, handling pressure, collaborative, leaderships development.