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Experience working in multicultural environments. Proven ability to build positive relationships with co-workers and clients. Having the ability to research and present the findings to a large group of individuals. Effective oral and written communication skills along with the knowledge needed to identify and solve organizational problems using a systematic decision-making approach.

Work experience


De Paul Operation Friendship

• Guided 20 club house members whom had mental illness on field trips and with games.

• Gave oral presentations to members about transmitted diseases and how to use effective birth control.

Resident Counselor

Hertiage Christian Services

• Work with six residents whom have mental and physical disabilities such as, Alzheimer, Dementia, and cerebral palsy.

• Assisted residents in becoming more independent with daily living task.

• Took on the responsibility for individual residents and followed their program plan and document appropriate entries reports in a book log.

• Developed an understanding of each resident learning ability and uniqueness.

Nov 2010Present

Team Support Specialist Administrative

American Red Cross
Nov 2011Jul 2012

Donor and Client Support Specialist

American Red Cross

·Identify, control and retrieve suspect products

·Follow Red Cross procedures and communicate directly and precisely with customers to perform the retrieval of suspect products.

·Answers donor eligibility questions and product or donor concerns from collections staff, donors, or consignees in a timely manner.

·Perform other related duties as necessary to maintain the team workflow.

May 2005Jul 2006

Internship/Resident Counselor

Sojourner House
  • Helped facilitated group sessions of 16 women who were victims of homelessness, addiction, abuse and/or mental illness.
  •  Researching information on the Clothes Line Project so that it can be implemented to the Sojourner House clients.Meet with clients one-on-one to discuss being a victim of violence and documented all progress notes using SOAP notes.Assisted in group therapy sessions with clients to explore and examine domestic violence and interpersonal issues.
  •  Handled the phones, supervised the preparation of meals, and assisted weekly room inspections, checked in medications, passed meds, documented incident reports, and answer security doors. Meet with clients one-on-one to discuss educational goals and housing opportunities.
  • Assisted clients with goal attainment, and made referrals for clients when needed
  • Mediated between clients when they had disagreement and discussed the rules, and regulations to new clients.
  • Assisted with child care while the parents attended workshops.
Aug 2005May 2006

Administrator Assistance

Monroe Community College

• Provided information to 100+ students that were enrolled in Service Learning.

• Typed letters, memos, phone handling, mailings, and review Service Learning surveys on a continuous basis and monitored supply inventories.

­ Work Study: Stage Program

• Provided services to 50+ youths that were enrolled in school to earn their G.E.D.

• Documented AP Test scores, photo copying, faxing, filling, answer phones, and monitored students’ attendance.

• Contacted the students’ parents when he or she did not attend his or her classes.


Jul 2011Present

Doctor of Philosophy

Capella University
Jan 2010Jun 2011


University of Phoenix

Develop managerial skills necessary to be effective in a rapidly changing business environment and extensive research of managerial competencies.

  • Recognize and solve problems systematically to make better business decisions.
  • Manage, develop, and motivate personnel to meet changing organizational needs.
  • Discover how diversity and values strengthen working relationships and contribute to effective problem solving.
  • Leverage technology in a global environment to create sustainable competitive advantage.
  •  Evaluate risks and develop plans to lessen or eliminate their impact.
  • Develop awareness of one's own personal values and how they affect business decision making.
  • Assess whether an organization's plans and actions are aligned to meet its values.
  •  Integrate knowledge and reach decisions with incomplete or limited information.
  •  Understand a broad range of theoretical and practical applications in business.
Aug 2006May 2009

Bachelor of Science

State University of New York College at Brockport

Effectively demonstrated:

  • Ability to relate to people with warmth and empathy. The ability to communicate feelings appropriately. Recognition of the essential worth and dignity of all human beings.
  • Appreciation of the value of human diversity.
  • Ability to identify personal strengths, limitations, and motivations, especially as related to a decision to work with people. Openness to change in themselves and others.
  • Ability to demonstrate self-confidence and initiative in working with people.
  • Ability to express thoughts with clarity in both written and verbal form.
  • Ability to ensure that their own personal, religious/spiritual, sexual orientation, and political beliefs are not imposed on clients.
  • Adherence to the NASW Code of Ethics.
  • Professional and ethical behavior in class and in field.
Aug 2004Aug 2006

Associate of Science

Monroe Community College
  • Completed the A.S. in Liberal Arts curriculum that aspired me to earn a bachelor degree in Social Work.
  • Completed four seminar courses in the Human Services and the Field Work.


Microsoft Word
Typed letters memos in order to create reports and projects for school and work projects.  Used Microsoft Word to print out labels and create envelopes.  Experience in using citations and bibliography for managing sources and APA for research.